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Praktica DC Slim 5 review - digitale camera prijzen - specificaties - laagste prijs
Praktica DC Slim 5 review

Merk Praktica
Model DC Slim 5
Resolutie 5.10 Mpixel
Maximale resolution 3680x2760 pixels
Optische zoom Nee
LCD formaat 2-inch
Video mogelijkheid Ja
Afmetingen 92x58x27

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Praktica DC Slim 5 specification

DC Slim 5 Reviews van fotografen

Sandra Hartnett - United Kingdom
November 7th 2006 - 17:00 GMT

I have recently purchased the Praktica DC slim 5. The manual is completely useless. It was purchased from max speilmans and as I am a novice I asked for a simple, easy-to-use camera. The picture quality in daylight was ok, but the evening photos I took are very dark and of poor quality. The store has exchanged the camera once because of the poor quality; even the store managers could not work out how to use it. In the manual it shows all these different signs and boxes but it does not tell you what they mean or stand for. If you buy one of these cameras beware as the frustration will drive you completely crazy.

personal rating: 0%

Walid Hasan - United Kingdom
November 7th 2006 - 17:00 GMT

I recently bought the Praktica DC Slim 5 camera and I used it during my holiday. But while I was replacing the memory card, I put a new SD card in and I turned it off for a few seconds. When I turned it back on, there was a red light that stated ‘BUSY’ and after a few seconds it turned off again. If anyone knows what the problem is, please let me know.

personal rating: 90%

Christopher Fruer - United Kingdom
March 8th 2006 - 23:00 GMT

I have had the Praktica DC Slim 5 digital camera since Christmas 2005 and have not got a decent picture from it yet. The manual is useless and however much l adjust settings it makes no difference to the dark, blurred pictures that come out. I would Never buy a Praktica again.

personal rating: 0%

Kat Hobday - United Kingdom
July 23rd 2006 - 10:30 GMT

Horrible camera. I was seduced by the 5.1 MP and price, but in the end, you get what you pay for. In this case, poor quality photos for just over £60. I shall stick to my Fujifilm FinePix A330 (which coincidentally is only 3.2 MP, but much better quality than this Praktica dc slim 5 could ever hope for). Steer clear of this camera. I would not recommend this to anyone. I've had this camera for ten minutes and already I'm regretting purchasing it. Once again, steer clear.

personal rating: 1%

Joanna Pritchard - United Kingdom
January 21st 2006 - 03:30 GMT

Wouldn't recommend the Praktica DC Slim 5 camera... photos all come out over exposed. No view Finder and the manual makes no sense... poor

personal rating: 40%

Phil Murray - United Kingdom
January 21st 2006 - 03:30 GMT

I'm very disappointed with this Praktika digital camera. Image turned out very blurred. Got a better resolution on my phone. Information and helpline were also useless. I don't own this camera any more.

personal rating: 2%

Andy - United Kingdom
February 10th 2006 - 18:15 GMT

I strongly recommend not to buy the Praktica DC Slim 5 digital camera. It really is awful. To turn on the Auto flash takes up to 10 seconds - camera can't be used during this period. Can take up to 21 seconds to store an image - again camera can't be used during this period. Pictures were over-exposed. The only good thing about it was its size - although that's not much use if the camera within the casing is useless. I managed to take the camera back as "faulty", although I think it was how the manufacturer intended it to work.

personal rating: 1%

David Lewis - United Kingdom
December 21st 2005 - 23:00 GMT

I was very disappointed with this medium-priced camera. SD card was extra, although it came with batteries, strap and case. Manual not very user-friendly. Appears to be fixed flash only. Many flash shots either over- or under-exposed. Defaults to 'no flash' at switch on, with long delay between flash mode selection. No view-finder; no information as to remaining memory or shots.

personal rating: 60%

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