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Fujifilm FinePix F10 review - digitale camera prijzen - specificaties - laagste prijs
Fujifilm FinePix F10 review

Merk Fujifilm
Model FinePix F10
Resolutie 6.30 Mpixel
Maximale resolution 2848x2136 pixels
Optische zoom Ja
LCD formaat 2.5-inch
Video mogelijkheid Ja
Afmetingen 92x58.2x27.3

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FinePix F10 Reviews van fotografen

Wilfred Ho - Singapore
September 9th 2005 - 00:30 GMT

The balance of the camera is perfect. Ultra compacts are becoming so small these days that you are unable to handle them with ease. (I'm just a normal guy with normal sized hands.) The high usable ISO is the feature that pushed me over the cliff. I was allowed to try the Panasonic FX9 while at the shop. After 1/2 hour of testing out all kinds of natural light shots, the F10 was the clear winner! If you are the type that likes natural light photography, go for this camera! The downside of this camera is the rather bulky adapter that you have to use to charge, watch video and connect to computer. Then again, I just leave it at my workstation where I do everything anyway.

personal rating: 95%

Terry - Australia
September 18th 2005 - 23:00 GMT

Recently used my F10 while on a four week holiday in Austria and Hungaria. Got some amazing photos in the Alps, Budapest and museums etc where flash is not allowed. This camera produces images just as good as my digital SLR. This camera was chosen after reading many reviews. It performs beyond my expectations. The excellent battery life is a real plus, and the 1600 film rating produces results not possible with other cameras in difficult light situations.

personal rating: 97%

Dave - United Kingdom
October 6th 2005 - 22:40 GMT

A great little digital camera with superb results in most lighting conditions. I like the natural light function for low light situations without flash but on the 1600 ISO setting, the noise in dark parts of the picture is disappointing. However, if set on 400-800 ISO manually and use slower shutter speeds, this problem is far less noticeable. The battery life is amazing - it just goes on for ever!

personal rating: 90%

Han Haitjema - The Netherlands
October 22nd 2005 - 22:15 GMT

I am in principle very positive about the Fujifilm FinePix F10 digital camera because of its stongest point: the good image quality at high sensitivities. A 30 x 45 cm print of a photo made at 800 ASA still looks very good. Slightly irritant is the purple fringing at high contrast areas once you start noticing it. For exposures longer that 1/4 s you have to turn to night scene mode where less adjustments can be made than in the manual mode; a bit contradictory. The battery lasts very long, but the warning that it starts being exhausted lasts only a few pictures and then it's finished. In the longer term the lack of manual controls, especially over the focus, feels as a shortage. I hope a software upgrade towards the FinePix F11 type will become available.

personal rating: 95%

Ergas - Kroatia
October 12th 2005 - 23:00 GMT

What I like on my F10: 1. ISO1600 at low noise. Really usable photos at low light. Good photos of big rooms, when flash is of no use. F10 needs no flash, it can make excellent photos where other cameras are unusable. 2. Long battery life - 500 shoots because you do not use flash! 3. No shutter delay (10ms)! 4. Compact design. 5. Mechanical strenght. I have experienced it on my F10, it has survived unbeliveable high shock. What I do not like: 1. Automatic settings are poor, auto white balance sometime gives bad results. 2. Automatic shooting at 3 fps rate is limited to 3 shoots. 3. Some settings (like automatic shooting) are not saved, so you have to adjust it always again. Anyway, pros much more valuable then cons. Great camera.

personal rating: 95%

Jim - Canada
November 8th 2006 - 14:30 GMT

I purchased a Fujifilm F10 a few months ago and it is the best camera I have owned to date. The natural light function is great and the battery life is amazing. The FinePix F10 certainly is a clear winner!

personal rating: 95%

Roel - The Netherlands
July 16th 2006 - 02:00 GMT

Although the camera is more than a year old already, I couldn't find a better camera than this one (for the price of €230). Especially the high ISO capability is very nice. In auto mode, it tends to grab high ISO a bit to much, when lower ISO-rate would do good also. Furthermore the battery capacity is extremely good compared to other cameras. With these two extremely good qualities, next to the overall very good image/ performance/ usability quality, make this Fujifilm digital camera a unique camera.

personal rating: 98%

Mans Hagberg - Sweden
April 22nd 2006 - 23:00 GMT

The Fujifilm FinePix F10 is excellent for low light conditions. Flash is hardly ever needed. Very useful "natural light" program. Makes very good pictures under a wide range of conditions. Excellent battery. Menus very hard to understand. Display OK, but not good enough in strong sunlight. A favorite camera I carry all the time.

personal rating: 95%

C. Wright - United States
April 22nd 2006 - 23:00 GMT

The Fuji FinePix F10 is a great small camera but, no one mentions the optical zoom problem. I am very disappointed with image quality at max zoom. Quality is just-as-good to shoot at widest angle then crop later on computer to get an X3 image. Because of this, this Fujifilm digital camera is equivalent to a camera without optical zoom. I now shoot only at wide angle. ISO-1600 is not really usable, too much noise. I find that 400 is the maximum usable ISO. Focus is very accurate and shutter lag is nil.

personal rating: 85%

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