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Konica Minolta DiMAGE X1 review
Gadget Reviews and other Exclusive Product News on the Internet
Below you will find reviews of digital imaging related products who we, LetsGoDigital do not intend to review. Furthermore you will find some exclusive news stories and interviews on this page. The reviews are a selection of gadgets and other mobile devices written by the Mobile Technology Magazine MobileMag, the Future Technology News website I4U and the Encyclopedia of free software downloads Softpedia.
Etymotic ER 22 Headset Microsoft Max Software Disk Sansa MP3 player
Etymotic ETY COM Headset Microsoft Max software review Sandisk Sansa e130 MP3 Player
Etymotic ETY COM Headset
"ER22 combines a noise-isolating earphone and noise-rejecting directional microphone which allows you to speak softly for greater privacy. Etymotic Research also recommends to moisten the ear tip for best results. Reading this just brought back images from the classic sci-fi movie eXistenZ, I watched the other day. There is one scene where Jennifer Jason Leigh is moisten the bio-port on Jude Law's back - ugh. This movie is anyway pretty sick with the embryonic game consoles, but it is a classic."
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Microsoft Max software review
"Microsoft's previous attempt in the field of graphics, Acrylic, has not been very well received by the critics, but Microsoft Max, is a different story. After you install the WinFX support, (Max is the first application that uses the new technology), you will have access to a program that does exactly what it claims and what's more it does it in a very special way. The translucent interface, similar to Windows Vista's AeroGlass, looks very good and the few commands are easy to use."
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Sandisk Sansa e130 MP3 Player
MP3 players are a dime a dozen these days; everyone seems to have their own version. Every once and a while one of the big players come out with their own new version that poises to take a chunk out of the big Apple. This time it is Sandisk, the makers of everything to do with storage for your gadgets. Sandisk has done a great job bringing this product to the market. The player itself performs as it should and seems to have continued support with future planned accessories.
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MobiBlu DAH-1500i MP3 Mio portable GPS & MP3 MobiBlu MP3 player
MobiBlu DAH-1500i MP3 Player Mio DigiWalker 269 MP3 MobiBlu DAH-1500 MP3 player
MobiBlu DAH-1500i MP3 Player
"After we reviewed the JNC SSF-8000 branded Cube MP3 player, MobiBlu contacted us to review the new and only in the United States available MobiBlu DAH-1500i. Both mp3 players are of course from Korean MobiBlu, but the MobiBlu branded DAH-1500i has some very important differences compared to the JNC SSF version that is sold in Asia and Europe. For example, the MobiBlu DAH-1500i features a WMA-DRM support and there is USB 2.0 support for faster data transfer."
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Mio DigiWalker 269 MP3
"The Mio DigiWalker 269 is a portable GPS unit that allows you to navigate turn-by-turn with ease in car, or on foot. Not only does it navigate, it also plays MP3 audio files with its built-in player. The earphones are your standard ear buds that you get with any MP3 player these days. The car mount works great, it has a really strong suction cup that can hold the device upside down without having to worry about it letting go. The carrying case is quite nice, synthetic leather with a bit of mesh."
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MobiBlu DAH-1500 MP3 player
"I got several emails already asking questions about the quality of the sound and the overall quality of a device that small. To give a quick answer: the quality of the MobiBlu DAH-1500 MP3 player is surprisingly good. The manufacturing, the features, the user interface all make a great impression. The world's smallest mp3 player is at the same time also one of the best flash memory music players out there. "
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The Battle of Zooms PQI mPack media player I/O Magic Gigabank
The Battle of Zooms PQI mPack P800 portable media player I/O Magic Gigabank portable hard-drive
The Battle of Zooms
"This article will not focus on SLR, instead we will approach the prosumer segment with zooms equal or bigger than 7X. The cameras belonging to this segment have given and will give amateurs the chance to tackle a wide range of photographic areas, these models being the only ones capable of covering almost the entire range of focal distances and a wide range of manual settings: aperture, exposure, bracketing, flash and exposure compensation, the light metering method and many others."
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PQI mPack P800 media player
"Despite the problems with the software and the non-booting I really like the PQI mPack P800. It's a solid device when it's fully functioning. The screen is far better than some of the cheaper models, it has excellent functions for digital photographers, and the list of supported codecs and file formats is extensive. If PQI released a software development kit for the P800 it would be definite competition for Archos and their new media player."
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I/O Magic Gigabank 80GB hard-drive
"Out of thin air comes the I/O Magic Premier 80GB hot swappable external hard disk drive (HDD) unit. Thin, svelte, appropriately wrapped in a black faux leather 'tuxedo' and 'bow tie' in a dazzling smooth chrome case; it appears as if it could mystically appear not just in your pocket but as a fashion statement accessorizing and fitting into anything you wear while performing all of the magical 'tricks' you desire. "
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SanDisk Cruzer Titanium Microsoft Acrylic Digital cameras - whereto?
SanDisk Cruzer Titanium Microsoft Acrylic Digital cameras - whereto?
SanDisk Cruzer Titanium
"USB flash drives are a dime a dozen these days. Everyone has their own version of a flash drive, each offering the same thing; small, portable storage. So what separates one manufacture's device from the rest? Well, in my opinion, with respect to flash drives these days; speed, design, and durability. SanDisk, creators of many different types of portable media storage, has their own versions of the popular USB keychain thumb drives. At the top of that product line is their SanDisk Cruzer Titanium.
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Microsoft Acrylic
"The boom of digital imaging triggered by the increasing sales of digital cameras has lead to a high demand of graphics editing programs. From simple viewers and organizers to Photoshop clones, the market is full now of programs that are trying to make photo editing a simpler and faster to accomplish task. Microsoft has decided that it's time to get involved in this domain and has launched Acrylic, a program that is aimed at being a replacement for Adobe Photoshop."
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Digital cameras - whereto?
"Digital imaging evolves constantly; being up to date can become a quite challenge for passionate professionals in this area, as well as for manufacturers, who try their best to be one step ahead of consumers' wishes, or even to induce them sometimes. Digital cameras are expected to move along their way, the image quality being expected to get closer and closer to movie quality. In the future one might expect more megapixels, better calibrated and less noisy sensors, smaller sizes, more capabilities and lower manufacturing costs and sale pricing."
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Accupix video glasses Centrix video player AVtech picture frame
Accupix MPG-230a video glasses Centrix MVP-100 20GB video player AVtech VDPF2 digital picture frame
Accupix MPG-230a video glasses
"Fun, private, advanced, high-tech, mobile and futuristic. These are just a few words to describe this hip and, what I call, cortex stimulating theater injectors. View games, DVD, movies, PMP/PVR, VCR, TV and other sources of audio/video on your 30" theater right in front of those ole' peepers. You can be selfish, for once, and not let anyone see what you're watching. It's great, sometimes, to just totally tune out the world and, wow, what a world to go into for that escape."
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Centrix MVP-100 video player
"SITEC System, a portable technology developer, has send us the Centrix MVP-100 20GB Portable Video Players to evaluate. The MVP-100 is a very well manufactured device; it has a sturdy design, feels very solid and is definitely an eye-catcher. The playback quality of audio at 320 Kbps maximum is unbeatable, the wide range of support for all the latest video codecs and the high-quality LCD display screen are great selling features and make it an excellent multimedia tool."
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AVtech VDPF2 digital picture frame
"Ever wanted to produce your own movies, choose and edit the pictures you want to see and have music integrated too? With the VDPF2 Digital Picture Frame you have the ability to enjoy a constantly changing retinue of pictures in any order you wish to see them with music playing you provide to meet the appropriate mood of the photo. Avtech Solutions gives you these options and so much more with this mini multi-media 'computer'."
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