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Scuba Diving Maldives
Olympus E-330 Digital SLR
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Olympus PT-E02 Review
Underwater Photographer Karin Brussaard
Published : Friday, January 19th 2007
Written by Karin Brussaard
Entering Waterworld "Hectic"
Ruud, our travel leader says that we can't expect any whale sharks before ten o'clock. It is now half past eight, so I've still got time to do some reading like the others. I noticed that there was a tense atmosphere on board. Everyone is wondering what is going to happen. I'm too restless to read so go to the lookout. Who knows, maybe I'll see a whale shark that the others will miss. It's difficult to judge where to look. They say that you should look for a dark mark in the water, but the water is as smooth as glass and the sun is shining on it. At one point I thought: "Hey, that could be one over there, where the water is a bit darker". The thought have scarcely crossed my mind when everything went mad. The crew was bellowing "whale shark, whale shark" and everyone was running backwards and forwards across the deck looking for their snorkelling equipment. I had placed my equipment strategically and was ready, snorkel gear and camera in my hand. The captain skilfully manoeuvred the boat in front of the whale shark and after a signal from our travel guide, we could jump overboard.
Underwater Photographer Karin Brussaard
Digital Underwater photography Olympus PT-E02 Operation
Digital Underwater Photography Olympus Underwater Case
Olympus E-330 Underwater photography Olympus PT-E02 Underwater case
I grabbed the camera and jumped overboard. I saw at once that the camera had an extremely negative capacity for floating and is very heavy to swim with, especially if you have to keep up with a whale shark which even when you think is not moving is still swimming much faster than you. The hand grip fixed to the underwater case ensures that it lies well in your hand. Fortunately, I got to the whale first and took some pictures. The Olympus E-330's Live View mode is fantastic, because I could use it to determine my composition without having to peer through the viewfinder. I didn't have much time to take photos, because before I knew, the whale shark had already swum past me and was swimming into deep waters. When I looked at the photos on site to see if they were well exposed, I saw that they were a bit too dark. I changed the camera's settings. I always take photos in the manual setting and then decide whether or not I need to adjust the shutter speed, aperture, or both. The buttons on the Olympus PTE02 underwater case work well. Each button on the camera can also be operated on the underwater case. To operate the menu, you use buttons of various lengths and this is extremely handy under water. It enables you to find the right button for changing settings quickly by touch. To change shutter speed, you use a big dial that operates the command dial on the camera. It is a pity that if you are photographing in the manual setting that the aperture must also be adjusted and that two buttons have to be operated at once.
Madness around Whale Shark Olympus PT-E02 Field Operation
Madness around Whale Shark Whale Shark
Scuba Diving Maldives Underwater photography Olympus PT-E02 User review
Madness was unleashed twice more that day by the spotting of a whale shark. It is a shame that more boats came in our direction until eventually, there were about 50 snorkellers in the water. I still didn't feel that I had captured my ultimate shot. It was difficult to take a photo without other snorkellers on it. The third whale shark cleared off after one of the other divers tried hanging onto its tail. Can't say I blame it! Disappointed, everyone called it a day. I hung around a while longer in the hope that she would come to the surface once more. Just when I was about to give up, the whale shark came to the surface one more time. I was picked up quickly by the speed boat and jumped in the water in front of the whale shark. It gave me the chance to take a few photos without any snorkellers in sight. I grabbed my chance and after the whale shark swam off again, I climbed back on board totally happy. My mission was successful and I was very pleased with this camera's results. Thanks to the Live View mode I was able to determine my composition relatively quickly and easily. Perfect!
Maldives underwater photography Olympus FL36 Flash bracket
Underwater photography
Olympus FL36 Powerful Flash Olympus FL36 Flash bracket
During this trip, I made several dives with the Olympus E330 digital SLR camera, using an external flash, the Olympus FL36. This is a powerful flash, with which you can flash both manually and as TTL. The underwater case for the flash is the Olympus PFL-01, that like the underwater case is made of polycarbonate and is watertight up to a depth of 60 meters. This flash gun is fixed to the flash bracket that, in turn, is screwed under the underwater case. The TTL function works very well, which means that the photos are optimally exposed. Unfortunately, the flash bracket is a bit on the short side, which makes the Olympus FL36 flash for underwater photography much too short to use with a wide-angle lens like the 7-14 mm. You can't get the entire subject lit. This flash gun in combination with this bracket would be fine for macro photography. For wide-angle photography, you will have to use two flashes attached to longer brackets. Another advantage of long brackets is that any bits of dirt that may be floating around will not be reflected in the photo.
PT-E02 Underwater housing
Diving Maldives
Olympus PT-E02 Review
Published : Friday, January 19th 2007
Written by Karin Brussaard
Conclusion "Great Equipment"
As far as I'm concerned, the Live View mode used in the Olympus E-330 digital SLR makes the optical viewfinder superfluous. Still, you can use the viewfinder underwater. Although the viewfinder picture looks small, it works well under water. The viewfinder picture is clear and sharp. The only comment is that it protrudes rather far from the case, whereby it blocks your view of Live View mode at a low standpoint.
Positive perspective!
- Determining composition via the Live View
- Operational ease of the buttons
- Thoroughly well-made case construction
Things that could be better?
- Large negative floating capacity
- To adjust aperture in the manual setting,
you must change 2 buttons at once
- Flash is not far reaching enough for the
Olympus Zuiko Digital 7-14 mm lens
Olympus E-330 DSLR (Evolt) PT-E02 Underwater housing
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