Scuba Diving Red Sea
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Scuba Diving Red Sea
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Nexus E3 / Olympus E3
Scuba Diving Red Sea
Published : Friday, April 18th 2008
Written by Karin Brussaard
"Getting started"
We have a briefing with the diving guide before the dive. The first days he wants to show us as much as possible but when we don't follow him because we spot too many nice objects in the water for capturing, he adjusts his briefings to us and his speed to ours. The capacity of the battery lasts for two dives. Since I operate the flash with an optical cable the flash of the camera has to do a lot of work. Thankfully it does not influence the battery life. It means that I don't have to open the underwater housing. I am grateful for that because in between dives we don't head back to the hotel. We stay along the waterside and have lunch in one of the many Bedouin style restaurants. And Bedouin style means sitting on the ground on a few cushions in the open air. Wind and sand run wild here so it would not be the best place to open the underwater housing.
Scuba Diving Red Sea
Nexus E3 Housing operation Olympus Live View
Olympus E-3 LCD monitor
Red Sea Scuba Diving
The Olympus E-3 has been equipped with Live View just like its younger brothers. The LCD monitor of the E-3 has a nice large size (2.5 inch) and its brightness can be adjusted in 15 stops. It makes it easy to decide a composition even underwater. I have tried out Live View while making pictures of my buddy. That is not as easy as it sounds. I decide on the correct composition, I see my buddy in the right spot, not breathing out and press the shutter release button. When I view the picture I see bubbles in front of her eyes because of breathing out, due to the shutter lag when using Live View. Live View works great for still objects but not for moving objects, it needs an experienced photographer to deal with the limited focus speed.
All camera functions are operable underwater with the exception of folding up the flash. The functions are not displayed on the housing and due to the fact the housing is not transparent you can't take a peek as to which button you have to use for a certain function. This can be very tricky if you still don't know the camera that well. I had set the camera in the manual mode during the first dive, with an aperture of f/5.6. During the dive I could not remember how to change aperture. I had to work with the same aperture the entire dive. And because of using the 50 mm macro lens I had a limited depth of field. Still I carried on shooting and in the end I got some surprising and unusual results. The auto focus on the E-3 works fast and very precise and the 11 focus points are ideal to capture fish. Although the camera fits perfectly in the housing, it once shifted and I was unable to operate the camera underwater. It meant I had to ascend, take my diving gear off, get out of the water, dry myself and the camera, open the underwater housing, fit the camera properly, close the underwater housing, go back into the water, put diving gear on, descend and finally shoot. My buddy was not amused!
Nexus E3 Review rating
The Olympus E-3 and the Nexus housing make a great combination. The E-3 is a DSLR camera with fast auto focus and 11 focus points. The Olympus E3 Digital SLR has absolutely no problem with the light areas caused by the sun. The shutter lag makes Live View less suitable for moving objects. The Nexus E3 SLR housing is well built and has a number of special specifications. External flash units can be operated through electronic as well as optical cables. When using the optical cable, do not forget to fold up the camera's flash before closing the housing. The Nexus housing comes with an adapter so the Olympus ports can be used also.
Karin Brussaard
++ Flash can be operated with electronic as well as optical cable.
++ Ports of various brands can be used.
++ The underwater housing is compact.
++ The auto focus of the E3 is fast and precise.

-- Flash only to be folded up when the housing is still open.
-- Live View hard to use underwater on moving objects.
-- Handles have an inconvenient grip.
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