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Egypt Red Sea
Published : Friday, April 18th 2008
Written by Karin Brussaard
Red Sea diving trip
I am ready to go for my first dive. Before me lays the Sinai desert. In my imagination a desert was a big flat sand pitch, but this is not at all what I see in front of me. This desert is not flat and there is no sand pitch in sight; not even a mile from here. Less than a hundred meters from the coastline, the 'sand pitch' goes straight up in the air. And less than a hundred kilometers from Dahab the highest mountain has a height of more than 2700 meters. Behind me the Red Sea is situated. I have no idea where its name comes from for when I descend for the first few meters it's like I am swimming in a huge blue aquarium. I have never seen the water as blue as it is here. Directly under the water surface corals are found and large shoals of small fish swim towards me...
Digital Underwater Photograpy Egypt Red Sea
Dahab Sinai Desert Egypt Nesima Diving Centre
Sinai desert Red Sea Nesima Resort Dahab
Dahab is the friendliest town of the Sinai desert and probably of entire Egypt. In the past I might have been treated somewhat offensively in Egypt, in Dahab there is no sign of this. Naturally co-workers on the boulevard try to persuade me to come and have dinner in their restaurant in the evening, but they also accept no for an answer quite easily. In search of a nice restaurant I end up in a place where nobody stands at the door trying to get people to come in. I find this so odd that I want to take a peek inside. And what a coincidence; the owner is a Dutch woman. She tells me that she just never left after one of her many holidays in Dahab. And she is not the only European that stayed in Dahab. All 'stickers' I talk to, tell me that they love Dahab so much because it still acts like a village. Everybody knows everybody and the atmosphere is still very relaxed. It's not the hippy village it once used to be but it is a special relaxed town where divers and surfers have the time of their lives. I am staying in the Nesima Resort in Dahab. A small hotel situated at the beginning of a shopping street. The back yard, with a swimming pool in it, is bordered on the boulevard (prohibited for camels) that runs along the sea. Nesima Resort has 52 rooms in various buildings. And quite important for photographers, most rooms are equipped with a number of electricity sockets which makes it easy to recharge the batteries. The hotel includes a diving centre; the Nesima Diving Centre. This diving centre has more than one fresh water unit for rinsing the diving equipment, and a separate unit for rinsing cameras and diving computers.
Nexus E3 Housing for Olympus E-3 Digital SLR
Olympus E-3 Nexus Underwater Housing
The Olympus E3 is the new flagship based on the Four Thirds standard E-System. The E3 is an extremely advanced camera that can be used for every assignment and fully complies with the strict requirements of DSLR photography. I was given the opportunity to try out this camera underwater. Underwater the circumstances are different than on land and it demands a lot from the camera. The biggest problem is bleaching by the sun. A wide-angle shot of the coral and the sea usually doesn't turn out nice at the spot where the blue water and the lighter area of the surface meet. Where sunbeams cross the surface of the water, a bleached white spot appears on the picture. You can't use a smaller aperture because it would make the blue at the bottom of the picture (the deeper part of the sea) too dark. To take wide-angle shots I use the 7-14mm lens. The combination of camera & lens works excellently and flawlessly. And what's more important to me, the light areas of the surface are light but not bleached. The E-3 is perfectly capable of dealing with large differences between light and dark areas.
Aluminum Underwater Housing Lens Ports for SLR camera housing
Nexus E3 Dome Port
Nexus E-3 Housing Olympus E-3 Lens Ports
Olympus have put their own underwater housings, made of polycarbonate, on the market for the E-330, E-300 and E410. For the underwater housing of the E-3 Olympus have sought to cooperate with Nexus. Nexus has been producing underwater housings made of aluminum for many years now. Initially for traditional SLR cameras and since a few years also for DSLRs of various brands. Nexus has a lot of experience developing underwater housings. And you can tell by the E3. The underwater housing looks neat and well thought-out. The Olympus E-3 fits nicely in the housing. And the way Nexus has built the housing; it enables the internal flash to be folded up. This enables operating the flash with an optical cable. Still Nexus was able to keep the housing compact. The Nexus housing is suitable for a depth up to 70 meters. Besides underwater housings Nexus also manufactures various lens ports that can be attached to underwater housings. These ports have to be attached to the underwater housing by means of a bayonet mount. Olympus also has a pack of ports developed for use on their own underwater housings. They have a screw mount. An adapter can be used to utilize ports from Olympus and other brands that also work with screw mounts (Inon for example) on the Nexus housings. This is very convenient for photographers already in the possession of Olympus ports but also for those who don't own ports yet and can thus choose Olympus compact ports.
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