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Nexus E3 underwater housing review
Olympus E-3 Review
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Nexus E3 Review
Published : Friday, April 18th 2008
Written by Karin Brussaard
"Nexus E3 Operation"
I have tested the SLR camera with some Olympus ports. The PPO-E3 has been designed specifically for the 50mm macro lens. This port has a wide base at the screw connection and tapers towards the end, making it extremely compact. This is very convenient when photographing choral because it will stay out of the small stuff's way. The 7-14mm wide-angle lens not only requires the dome port PPO-E04 but also an attachment ring (Olympus PER-E02). The wide-angle lens is that long it won't fit directly on the dome port. The dome port is strikingly compact.
Nexus E3 Review Underwater Photographer Karin Brussaard
Wide-angle underwater photography Nexus E3 Flash connections
Olympus Flash Units Nexus E-3
Red Sea Underwater Photography
The Nexus housing is standard equipped with two flash connections for electronic cables and two connections for optical cables. The electronic connections have a standard Olympus mount and are meant for connecting Olympus flash units. Using the FL-36 in the PFL-E01 underwater housing or its smaller brother FL-20 in the PFL-01 housing TTL flash is enabled. However; I have used two Sea & Sea YS 110 flash units that can not directly be attached to the flash connections. They require a special Athena adapter. Unfortunately this adapter was delivered to my house one day too late. Another possibility is to change the Olympus connections to a more common connection (Nikonos or Sea & Sea). I don't know if Nexus will bring housings in the market with these connections. Underwater photography specialists that also maintain underwater housings are probably able to do it and willing to do it too. I was glad with the possibility of connecting two optical cables to it! When you want to operate the flash units through the optical cables you should not forget to fold up the flash of the camera because there is no button on the underwater housing to do it. I found out during a dive on 30 meters of depth that I forgot to fold up the flash. I had my buddy nicely positioned behind a piece of nice soft choral; I pressed the shutter release button and did not see a flash. Checking the two flash units did not help; they were both activated and both in the correct mode. Of course pressing the shutter button again did not improve things. I signaled at the camera and made a gesture to my buddy trying to tell her that I had forgotten something. My buddy then made some other gesture to me...
The dome port shows some distortion at 7mm but I find that very acceptable for a wide-angle lens like this. Olympus delivers a special zoom ring for this lens but unfortunately it can not be used with the Nexus housing. The cogs on the zoom ring don't coincide with those of the cog-wheel of the Nexus housing (contrary to the cog-wheels of the Olympus housings). I think this is a real pity because you have to decide which setting the lens has to be in before going into the water. Hopefully Olympus and Nexus will develop a new zoom ring for this. For the 8 mm fisheye lens the same port can be used but without the extra ring. It makes the system travel-friendly since you only need one dome port for two lenses. The dome port has been equipped with a lens hood that is attached to the port with a number of socket screws. There was one problem I encountered when using it. The lens hood was in the correct position when I used the port with the extra ring. But when I attached the dome port directly to the housing, the lens hood stayed on one side. And no matter how I tried, I couldn't get the word Olympus to appear on the top, but only a quarter turned. We did two dives on the same location that is why I wanted to change lenses in between. The whole of Dahab went looking for a fitting hexagon socket wrench, because mine stayed behind in the hotel room...
Nexus E-3 Housing for Olympus E3 Digital SLR
Olympus E-3 Nexus Underwater Housing
The underwater housing has a handle on both sides. These grips are round on top and do have a large diameter. Additionally there is more than one opening available so you can attach your flash units to various corners. Besides that both handles have a stainless-steel ring attached to them for you to mount a carrier-strap so you don't have to carry the E-3 by its flash arms. My hands are quite small and I am very well capable of operating the shutter release button and the command dial without having to move my hand. The handles have grooves on them which I did not find very pleasant to hold. Although I can imagine other photographers like them.
Pick-up unit/magnifier Red Sea Scuba Diving
Nexus E-3 Camera Housing Olympus E-3 Lens Ports
The underwater housing comes with two magnifying glasses that you can place in the viewfinder of the house. The magnifier strongly magnifies the image but it only leaves a small part of the viewfinder visible. This is excellent for macro shooting as you will have an excellent view whether your object is sharp or not. The disadvantage however is evident; you miss a large part of the image which makes it hard to decide on an accurate composition. About the other glass unit, the pick-up unit, I am not entirely sure of its purpose. I thought afterwards that it might be meant for people wearing glasses, as some sort of correction. I have used both glasses a few times but I really prefer working with the housing without magnifier or pick-up unit. On the first day I am standing next to one of the fresh water units of the diving centre with my housing and flash units ready for the big test; is the housing really waterproof? I am rather nervous. To have a camera fill up with water is every photographer's nightmare. I immerse the camera and with horror I see some bubbles appear. Thankfully it is only false alarm. I repeat the same ritual of dipping the housing every day. After that it is time to analyze the bottles to find out their Nitrox percentage and bring the diving gear to the jeep. The jeep takes us to one of the 28 diving spots in the area of Dahab. Diving from the shore is standard here, boat diving an exception.
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