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Sea & Sea DX-80 review conclusion
Published : Friday, December 14th 2007
Sea&Sea YS110 Camera adjustment
Sea & Sea Flash Unit
TTL underwater photography
Sea & Sea DX-D80 Underwater housing Nikon D80 Underwater housing
I only need to use two Sea&Sea YS 110 flashes because I use a 12-24mm wide-angle lens for the sharks. The flashes have a range of 22 on land, at ISO 100. The image angle of 105 degrees by 105 degrees works fine to capture six sharks completely. The flash uses three flash lamps with a colour temperature of 5400 degrees Kelvin. The flash also has a focus lamp. This is not absolutely necessary for photographing sharks, but for macro photography it is very useful. The flashes are mounted onto the underwater housing with a Sea arm set. It is great that these arms are very lightweight, and easy to adjust while underwater. The TTL-converter allows for TTL photography. I think this works fine. However, I do prefer to manually set the flashes, which is possible with the YS110. A real specialty of the YS-110 is the DS-TTL supported through a fibreglass cable, which allows for the slave-TTL compatibility with digital cameras. These flashes are very versatile due to these three possibilities.
Waterproof case Converter Auto Focus
Waterproof case Converter Auto Focus
Sea & Sea DX80 Underwater case Sea & Sea DX80 Converter Sea & Sea DX80 Auto-Focus

Nikon D80 underwater case

Review Conclusion

All in all I can say that the Nikon D80 DSLR camera in combination with the Nikon AF-S 12-24mm F/4.0 G DX IF ED lens is a beautiful set to do underwater photography with. I thoroughly enjoyed capturing my trip by combining this set with the Sea&Sea DX-D80 underwater housing, the Fisheye dome port and a 4 cm zoom ring. The underwater housing is comfortable to handle and when you shoot you get the feeling that you are working with a real top-end camera. It is great that Nikon uses the same viewfinder as the Nikon D200 and even the viewfinder of the underwater housing works fine. The underwater housing is equipped with a leak detector. Other manufacturers charge extra for this option. All the important functions of the underwater housing are easy to operate. The camera can be operated with one hand. It is too bad that the underwater housing is a bit heavy. This is not a problem while underwater, but it is extra baggage to travel with. You must also be very careful when shutting the underwater housing. All in all I had a really great expedition. My dream of seeing Caribbean reef sharks, lemon sharks, tiger sharks, bull sharks, nurse sharks and the great hammerhead shark was fulfilled. Despite my initial fears I have enjoyed diving amongst the sharks and photographing them immensely. I can actually only think of one downfall of this trip..... I had to return the Nikon D80 en het Sea & Sea DX-D80.
By Karin Brussaard
Sea & Sea underwatercase DX80
[+] Positives [-] Negatives
++ Underwater housing is easy to handle
++ Camera and housing have a clear viewfinder
++ Equipped with a leak detector
++ All the important functions can be operated
++ The speed of the Nikon D80 SLR camera
-- The underwater housing is somewhat heavy
-- When shutting the housing you have to be very careful that the on/off
    button does not end up in the wrong position
-- Not all the settings are displayed on the LCD screen on top of the Nikon D80
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