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Published : Friday, June 1st 2007
Photography by Karin Brussaard
Canon DIGITAL IXUS 900 Titanium
The Canon WP-DC7 underwater housing was specifically made for the Canon Digital IXUS 900Ti compact camera. The Canon DC7 enables high resolution underwater photography for the amateur photographer. The maximum depth with this housing is 40 meters. In addition of being suitable for underwater photography, the waterproof housing protects the Canon IXUS 900Ti from snow, rain, wind and shocks. In short: it offers more photography possibilities, no longer depending on what circumstances you're in.
Karin Brussaard Scuba Dive Safari Maldives
Canon Underwater Housing product gallery
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Canon WP-DC7 underwater housing Canon IXUS 900 and Canon WP-DC7 Underwater photography up to 40m depth
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Canon 900Ti inside the housing Canon DC7 case full equipment Photographing digitally underwater
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Operation panel of the Canon WP-DC7 Canon DC7's opened underwater housing Interior of the Canon WP-DC7 housing
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