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Pre-programmed underwater scene Canon IXUS underwater photography
Canon IXUS Underwater House Canon IXUS underwater photography
Canon IXUS Underwater House Canon IXUS 900 Ti Digital underwater photography
There is a dial for using the pre-programmed scenes on the back of the underwater case. When the SCN mode is activated, it calls up a pallet of pre-programmed scenes. The FUNC button conjures up a series of pictograms to choose from. Canon keeps it all manageable; there are eleven scenes to help with difficult to asses lighting. You can choose between Portrait, Children, etc. but the most obvious setting to use when diving, is of course, the Underwater setting. The striking thing about this setting is that it shows colours very well, especially when pictures are within the range in the internal flash (maximum 40 cm). If the distance between the camera and subject is greater, you will have to use an external flash. The Canon Digital IXUS 900 Ti is quick and easy to operate and after your first encounter with it you will soon conclude that any beginning underwater photographer could use it to take their first underwater pictures without any basic knowledge. Of course, not everything will be clear at once and you will have to consult the instruction manual occasionally, but many of the options are obvious and will be understood immediately. The menu is clear and the number of buttons is limited, which makes everything extremely easy to oversee. Obviously, these features will appeal to a potentially large group of divers. Another advantage is that the case is easy to carry around with you because it is so compact. This means that even a beginning diver can take the camera along. It won't be a burden and if it is not being used, it is easy to put away for a while.
Canon WP-DC7 Depth Underwater operation Canon WW-DC1
Canon WP-DC7 Depth
Underwater operation
Canon WW-DC1
Canon WP-DC7 30 Meters depth Canon WP-DC7 Underwater operation Canon WP-DC7 Extra accessory
The Canon DC7 underwater case works well at the 30 meters depth where the leopard shark is. Even when I went deeper to photograph a perch that has hidden between the reef, everything just kept on working. The Canon WP-DC7 underwater case can also take a bump; occasionally I needed both hands because of the current and then I just left it dangling from a cord on my equipment. Still enjoying the leopard shark, I was swiftly carried further along the reef. I was now at a depth of around 10 meters and it was time to look for some small fry. This is mainly found on top of the reef roof. The good thing is that you can end your dive nice and calmly by photographing small stuff. The camera was in the Underwater setting and I used the macro function. Thanks to this I could easily take pictures of subjects just 5 cm away from the camera. The Canon IXUS 900 Ti digital compact camera and the underwater case both have a positive floating capacity. To compensate for this, you can buy ballast weights as an extra accessory. These weights (Canon WW-DC1) are screwed in underneath the Canon Digital IXUS 900 Ti camera and ensure that the digital camera has a neutral floating capacity.
Canon WP-DC7 underwater case review
Diving Maldives
Canon WP-DC7
Published : Friday, June 1st 2007
Written by Karin Brussaard
Conclusion "Easy to operate"
The Canon Digital IXUS 900Ti is the ideal compact camera for the novice underwater photographer. The operation of the IXUS 900Ti is simple so the first beautiful underwater images can be taken very shortly after purchasing the camera. The underwater mode is of course ideal and renders the beautiful colours of the underwater world in a realistic way. The Canon WP-DC7 is compact and therefore easy to take along underwater. The only minus that might be mentioned is the limited setting possibilities. On the other hand, many consider this limitation to be an advantage.
Positive perspective!
- Pre-programmed Underwater setting
- Easy to operate
- Compact underwater case
Things that could be better?
Canon WP-DC7 Underwater case review conclusion
- Only a few manual options
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