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Canon WP-DC7 Review
Underwater Photographer Karin Brussaard
Published : Friday, June 1st 2007
Written by Karin Brussaard
Introduction "Leopard shark"
Today's dive has been planned for the Ari-Atol in the Maldives. During our briefing we were warned that the currents were strong. Everyone prepared themselves for what was to come. I had chosen that day to test the Canon Digital IXUS 900 Ti digital camera in the WP-DC7 underwater case. While I was preparing my diving equipment, I noticed that the currents were indeed strong. When everyone was ready, we jumped overboard, one by one. Once in the water, it is important to descend quickly and get close to the reef. If you don't do this, there is a risk that the current will push you away from the reef and this will mean the end of the dive. The reef passed us by as if in a film. Underneath us, I saw a turtle lying down, but I was already past it before I realized. Suddenly, I saw something big in the distance lying on the sandy bottom. I quickly descended to a depth of 30 meters. When I got closer, it turned out to be a leopard shark of around one and a half to two meters, but because of the current, I had already passed it. Carefully, I held on to a rock and pulled myself against the current in the direction of the shark. I clambered from rock to rock, getting ever closer. When I got close enough, I started taking photos. What a magnificent animal!
Underwater Photographer Karin Brussaard
Canon WP-DC7 Underwater Case Canon Digital IXUS 900 Ti
Canon WP-DC7 Underwater Case Canon IXUS 900 Ti Digital Camera
Canon IXUS 900 Ti Underwater Case Canon IXUS 900 Ti Digital Camera
Anyone who dives knows the feeling. You are wildly enthusiastic about something you have seen underwater and you really want to show it to other people. Until recently, this was impossible, due to the high purchase price of an underwater camera. Canon has developed underwater cases for most PowerShot and Digital IXUS cameras. With an underwater case like this, you can take digital cameras to a depth of 40 meters. Underwater cases are not only for divers. With these cases, you no longer have to worry about your camera if it's raining, snowy or dusty. The cases are transparent and allow the buttons and switches to be operated easily. The camera's LCD monitor is also well visible, so that the photos can be viewed immediately underwater.
The new top model, the Canon IXUS 900 Ti is not just any old entry-level compact camera. With a resolution of 10 Megapixels, a titanium case and an ultra compact 3x optical zoom lens, this camera has a lot to offer. The Canon Digital IXUS 900 Ti is in the first instance, made with design and ease of operation in mind without putting undue emphasis on manual settings options like aperture and shutter speed. Nevertheless, the Canon Digital 900Ti still has a large number of settings options which the user can use to influence the end result and be creative. It has more than enough resolution, which gives enough image information to, for example, be able to make and print crop enlargements of a picture.
Canon WP-DC7 Case Underwater Operation Canon diffuser plate
Canon WP-DC7 Camera Housing
Canon WP-DC7 Underwater Operation
Canon Ixus diffuser plate
Canon WP-DC7 Camera Housing Canon WP-DC7 Underwater Operation Canon WP-DC7 Diffuser plate
The Canon IXUS 900 Ti's underwater case, the Canon WP-DC7, is made of transparent polycarbonate. To prevent condensation on the IXUS camera, the water-tight case has been fitted with double anti-condensation glass. The camera produces to much heat to be able to prevent condensation completely, but you can fix this by placing a sachet of silica gel in the case. This will absorb moisture and prevent all kinds of problems. The Canon camera and water-tight case is very simple to use. Just place the Canon 900 TI camera in the case and seal the lid. An o-ring is used to make sure that it is shut properly. The buttons and switches on the water-tight Canon cases are large and brightly colored, which means that it is easy to see them underwater. The camera can also be operated perfectly well if you are wearing diving gloves. The Canon WP-DC7 underwater housing comes with a diffuser plate. This component for the flash light helps to prevent a 'snow effect' underwater when the flash light is reflected on the microscopic small particles in the water. Most of Canon's underwater cases have a diffuser plate for the flash light that distributes the light from the flash lamp, so that underwater photos taken with a flash are much clearer.
Canon WP-DC7 1 Canon O-ring Camera control
Canon WP-DC7 Text
Canon WP-DC7 Text
Canon WP-DC7 Text
Canon WP-DC7 Underwater case Canon WP-DC7 Rubber ring Canon WP-DC7 Waterproof camera case
Installing the Canon IXUS 900 Ti camera requires full attention. It is important to work on a clean sub-soil to reduce the chance of dirt getting onto the o-ring to the minimum. Also important is to have everything at hand so you won't run risks of forgetting anything. If you don't follow these rules you're bound to make mistakes. Make sure you don't get distracted. The underwater housing of the Canon Digital IXUS 900Ti is closed with a single o-ring. Every single time when the underwater housing has been opened, the o-ring has to be cleaned and greased if necessary. While doing so it is highly important to check that no grain of sand or hair got onto the o-ring. One single grain of sand on the o-ring could mean the end of a valuable IXUS compact camera. The Canon Digital 900 Ti can be placed in the underwater housing with great ease. Once the camera is positioned inside the WP-DC7 underwater housing, the latter is closed by means of a lock on the left side. Before actually taking the Canon 900 Ti underwater, I always check one last time if the o-ring is correctly placed. And as a final check I usually put it in a bowl of water.
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