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Hugyfot HFC-40D Housing
Reviewed by Karin Brussaard
Operation "Hugyfot EOS 40D Housing"
The HFC 40D is standard equipped with two Nikonos flash connections. Operating the two Sea & Sea YS 110 flashes worked out faultless. I used these flashes manually. A TTL converter can be installed in the housing. The built-in leak detector is super sensitive. When it detects the smallest bit of damp it starts beeping. In a country like Panama, with a high humidity rate, this sensitivity may be annoying. For example, once when I was changing the batteries and the memory card, the leak detector started to beep. It surely startled me as I was certain I dried the camera thoroughly before opening it in my hotel room. The underwater housing carries a grip on its left side. On top of the grip the connection for two flash arms is positioned. The second connection is on top of the housing, in the centre. To the right there is a hand strap made of neoprene for your hand. This strap is adjustable and fits large as well as small hands offering a good grip on the housing. It also facilitates diving with thicker or thinner gloves. You can also swap this strap for a normal grip with flash connection. That way you can use flash arms of equal lengths to operate two flash units at the same distance and the same angle from your object. I had to use a longer flash arm for the right flash unit to manoeuvre the flash in the same position as the left flash unit.
Hugyfot HFC-40D Underwater Housing
Hugyfot Housing for Canon EOS 40D Hugyfot flash cable connection
Canon EOS 40D
EOS Housing
Hugyfot Allen Screws Hugyfot Connecting the flash cable
The underwater housing closes with two Allen screws. The Hugyfot user manual states you have to tighten the Allen screws normally and not too tight with the included Allen wrench. I am a bit scared; how do I know they are tightened enough? And if I don't do it correctly the underwater housing might get flooded. Pascal Eeckhout of Hugyfot, told me just before my departure that I would feel it when the Allen screws are correctly tightened. Somewhat tensed I try to tighten the Allen screws for the first time and I soon discover what Pascal had already told me, that it is easy enough. At one stage both sides of the underwater housing are perfectly fitting together and you can feel that. Testing the now closed underwater housing in the hotel room's washbasin comes out positive I guess; the leak detector does not beep. Now that I can feel it in my fingertips, I am brave enough to open and close the underwater housing daily and to take it underwater. Closed definitely means closed here.
Digital underwater photography
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Hugyfot Allen Screws
The standard viewfinder is clear and offers an almost 100% coverage. Hugyfot has developed an optional angle viewfinder that enlarges the image and enables viewing through the lens at an angle of 45 degrees. All camera functions are operable from outside. And what's even more convenient, the functions are also described in miniature on the underwater housing. This is a handy reminder when you don't know the camera inside out yet. Despite the house being very compact for a DSLR, it is built for big hands. The zoom dial for example has been placed a tad too far away from the hand grip for my female hand to operate it with ease. And that is also the case with the aperture dial on the right side. I just can't reach far enough to operate this dial with my hand caught in the neoprene strap. I literally have to take my hand out of the strap before I am able to change aperture. For people in the possession of bigger hands it won't be a problem. A nice function is the button to detach the lens from the camera. You don't have to open the housing's back but you just have to change the port. And the front of the underwater housing then lets you change the lens. However if you want to change the battery of the camera, you have to take the camera out of the housing completely. It will not suffice to just open and remove the back of the housing.
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Hugyfot Housing
Hugyfot review rating
Review conclusion by Karin Brussaard
The combination of the Canon EOS 40D and the Hugyfot HFC-40D Housing is an excellent one. The underwater housing fits the camera like a glove and is very compact and waterproof to a depth of 300 feet. Its round curves and matte black colour make this housing look beautiful. Unfortunately it is somewhat difficult to operate the underwater housing for people with small hands. The fisheye port has no obvious distortion and the housing does not suffer from steaming up at all, not even at huge temperature changes. One point of interest is the fact that the camera has to be taken completely out of the underwater housing when its battery needs changing. And the leak detector works too well at times. Live View still needs to be further developed to be of use for underwater photography.
++ Very compact size of the underwater housing.
++ The underwater housing is waterproof to a depth of 300 feet.
++ No steam inside the housing at vast temperature change.s

-- The underwater housing is not attuned to small hands.
-- Live View slows down operation.
-- Leak detector is over-sensitive when high humidity rate on land.
-- Changing a battery requires taking the camera completely out of the housing.

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