Hugyfot Housing
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Housing photography
Hugyfot Housing
Published : Friday, June 27th 2008
Product photography by Dennis Hissink
"Hugyfot Corporate Philosophy"
René Hugenschmidt was admired and envied by the competition, because his housings were inventive, extremely beautiful and the design was above all functional. Green Force continued his work from January 1st 2004 and guarantees that the Hugyfot-line and philosophy will be continued in the future. The second guarantee the Hugyfot customers have is the worldwide network of distributors and dealers. In this way they can always rely on the best service and support. All aspects which have made Hugyfot exceptional have been implemented. Round curves, easy to handle, "One hand" operable. No concessions on quality, no concessions on design. The Hugyfot housings are built according to the latest CAD/CAM techniques. This CNC driven production guarantees an, on this market, unseen precision resulting in a superior quality of materials used at standard prices.
Hugyfot Camera Housing Hugyfot Underwater Housing
Housing Hugyfot
Underwater Housing Hugyfot
Hugyfot HFC-40D Hugyfot 40D Underwater Housing
Hugyfot SLR housing
Hugyfot Camera Housing
Hugyfot HFC-40D inside Hugyfot HFC-40D with EOS 40D inside
Hugyfot HFC-40D
Hugyfot HFC-40D Operation buttons Hugyfot HFC-40D EOS Housing
Hugyfot 40D
Canon 40D Housing
Hugyfot HFC-40D with Canon lens Hugyfot HFC-40D underwater housing
Canon SLR Housing
40D Housing
Hugyfot HFC-40D shutter electronics Hugyfot HFC-40D lens housing
Canon EOS 40D
Canon 40D
Canon EOS 40D Digital SLR camera Canon EOS 40D SanDisk Extreme Flash Memory
Hugyfot Case
EOS Camera Housing
Hugyfot HFC-40D LCD Hugyfot 40D case
Hugyfot Dome port
Hugyfot Technology
Hugyfot HFC-40D Dome port Hugyfot HFC-40D Close up inside
Canon Macro lens
Hugyfot Lens housing
Canon 100mm Macro lens Hugyfot Lens housing
Hugyfot battery
Hugyfot HFC-40D Flash light conector Hugyfot Underwater Housing tools
Hugyfot Housing Photo
Hugyfot Housing Picture
Hugyfot Housing Image
Hugyfot HFC-40D Housing Tools Hugyfot HFC-40D Menu buttons Hugyfot HFC-40D Operation buttons
Hugyfot Photo
Hugyfot Image
Hugyfot Picture
Hugyfot HFC-40D Serial number Hugyfot HFC-40D inside view Hugyfot HFC-40D viewfinder
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