Samsung GX-1S Digital SLR Preview
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Samsung GX-1S Digital SLR Preview
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Saturday 25th February 2006
Written by Dennis Hissink
Digital SLR camera
The Samsung GX-1S camera is a user-friendly digital SLR camera with upgraded optical and digital technology. This richly featured digital SLR with 6 Megapixel picture quality is also easy to use and offers simplicity of operation, helping the entry-level user to create his or her own photographing style. Among the features of the Samsung GX-1S is a large optical viewfinder that offers an accurate view. The 2.5 inch LCD monitor, which displays the captured pictures with high quality, completes the compact body that is both functional and portable. The new Samsung GX-1S is designed to be user-friendly. Offering a light and robust chassis with a weight of only 505 g, the camera is easy to carry along with you. The Samsung DSLR camera is equipped with the standard output feature of ISO (200, 400, 800, 1600, and 3200). With continuous shooting of 2.8 pictures per second, the Samsung GX-1S offers a dynamic and diverse photographing experience. The camera is able to shoot a maximum of 5 RAW format and 8 JPEG images in a row. The GX-1S supports shutter speeds from 30 seconds to 1/4000 seconds, enabling diverse photo-taking techniques, including capturing moving subjects and using the long shutter and the bulb shutter for night-time shooting.
Samsung GX-1S
Samsung GX-1S Camera Preview
Samsung GX-1S Pentaprism viewfinder Samsung GX-1S Scenes
Samsung GX-1S Pentaprism viewfinder Samsung GX-1S Pentaprism viewfinder
Samsung GX-1S Pentaprism viewfinder Samsung GX-1S Scenes
The new Samsung GX-1S dSLR incorporates a pentaprism viewfinder which enables the photographer to easily use the viewfinder and identify subtle details. The Pentaprism uses the reflecting surface processed with deposition and coating technology that increases penetration efficiency, thus ensuring a large and clear view, high magnification of 0.95, and the high picture coverage of 95%, which would be impossible with mirror-based technology.
The camera offers a total of seven modes, including landscape, macro, and standard. The Samsung GX-1S features the most user-friendly picture-taking in a variety of environments. In Auto SCN mode (green), the camera automatically identifies the subject and selects the best mode from the five modes: portrait, landscape, macro, moving object, and standard. The Auto SCN mode automatically adjusts AF, white balance, saturation, sharpness, and contrast, as well as exposure.
Attaching the lens Enlarging playback images Digital filter menu
Samsung GX-1S Digital filter menu
Samsung GX-1S Attaching the lens Samsung GX-1S Enlarging playback images Samsung GX-1S Digital filter menu
The GX-1S features a Pentax KAF mount. The Samsung GX-1S kit comes with a standard zoom lens (D-XENON 18 - 55mm). Unpack the lens, remove the boy mount cover and lens mount cover and attach the lens. Align the red dots on the GX-1S and the lens, and secure by turning the lens clockwise until it clicks. After attaching, it is best to check if the lens is secure to prevent it from accidentally falling off. Also check that the red dots of the lens are on top and the attachment portion does not move sideways. In playback mode you can magnify images up to 12 times when displayed. Press the blue 'arrow' button left of the LCD display and select an image using the multi-controller. Right of the viewfinder you find a wheel (e-dial), turn it to the right to enlarge the image displayed on the monitor. Turn left or press OK to return to normal size. The first step in magnification is 1.2x. In playback mode, you can select the digital filter menu after pressing the blue 'arrow' button. It is possible to edit captured images using digital filters. The processed images are saved under a different name. B&W converts to a black and white image, Sepia adds a vintage touch to photos by converting the image to sepia colour, Soft creates a soft image by lightly fading the entire image, whilst Slim changes the horizontal and vertical ratio of images.
GX-1S Custom settings Samsung digital cameras Digital cameras PMA 2006
Samsung GX-1S Custom settings Samsung digital camera overview Digital cameras PMA 2006
Samsung GX-1S Custom settings Samsung digital camera overview Digital cameras PMA 2006
Press the Menu button on the left of the 2.5 inch LCD monitor and select C for Custom settings. This function lets you set custom functions to fully use the functions of a SLR camera. A handy feature that allows you to completely personalize the Samsung GX-1S digital SLR camera. Select the function of a button, change the function of a button or just reset all the settings to default. For the past few years, Samsung has developed, introduced and distributed a wide variety of digital camera models. In the extensive digital camera database of LetsGoDigital you can find them all - including product shots, camera specifications, (user) reviews and a buying option. Visit our database of all Samsung digital cameras now and find your favourite Samsung digital camera! LetsGodigital has made a complete overview of all digital cameras introduced in the year 2006. The year 2006 began with the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), held in Las Vegas, USA and started with the introduction of a variety of digital still cameras with a resolution up to 8 Megapixels. The PMA 2006 International Convention & Trade Show follows with a broad range of introductions from the major brands. Visit our Digital camera 2006 overview now to find out which digital camera belongs to you!
Dennis Hissink Dennis Hissink
Samsung GX-1S
Editor's comment:
"The pre-production status of the Samsung GX-1S DSLR only gives us the opportunity to provide you with some more inside information. The Samsung GX-1S is identical to the Pentax *ist DS2, so it would be very surprising if any review would give a different score. The rumour is that Samsung will soon introduce another rebadged Pentax digital SLR camera, probably to obtain some market share in a fast way and establish the Samsung brand name in the digital SLR market. The Samsung GX-1S is easy to handle, its Custom settings feature is a pleasure to have on board and will be welcomed by the amateur user. The available features will give the amateur photographer plenty of opportunities to capture the moment. Compared to its competition the specifications of the Samsung GX-1S are trailing a little bit behind, but I am sure that if Samsung is really serious about getting the tough-to-get market share, they will already be working on their own digital SLR system and will introduce their own made dSLR later this year. PMA is obviously too early, but the Photokina 2006 (September 26 - October 1, 2006) will definitely be interesting..."
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