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Samsung GX-1S Preview
Samsung GX1S - Page 2/14
Saterday 25th February 2006
Written by Dennis Hissink
Samsung GX-1S D Xenon 18-55mm lens Samsung GX-1S Built-in flash
D-Xenon 18-55mm lens
Samsung GX-1S BD Xenon 18-55mm lens Samsung GX-1S Built-in flash
The Samsung GX-1S digital SLR camera comes as a body alone or with a standard zoom lens. The Samsung D-Xenon 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 lens is a light weight (225 g) lens with a Pentax KAF mount. The Samsung dSLR camera will utilize the new Schneider Kreuznach D-Xenon lens system and Pentax's lens KAF bayonet mount technology. This will result in the fact that all Pentax dSLR lenses will be mountable on the Samsung GX-1S. According to the official information from Samsung the new D-Xenon lens has been especially developed for use with the new Samsung GX-1S camera. The compact Samsung D-Xenon lens is both portable and affordable to ensure easy operations. This standard zoom lens features an image circle to match the large 23.5mm x 15.7mm image sensor of the Samsung GX-1S. The focal length is 18 - 55 mm (equivalent to 28 - 84 mm in 35mm format). The D-Xenon lens incorporates 9 groups and 12 elements and offers an angle of view of 29° - 76°. The minimum focus distance is 0.25 m offering a maximum magnification of approximately 0.34x. The filter size of the D-Xenon lens is 52mm and its dimensions are 68.5mm (diameter) x 67.5mm Lenght. The new Samsung GX-1S dSLR camera incorporates a built-in flash. If you are in need of more flash power you are able to use an external flash gun. The built-in flash is a very handy feature, at least it often gives me some extra fill-in flash when needed. To fill-in the subject with the built-in flash is often sufficient to do the job and it saves you the extra weight of a flash gun, which you would otherwise need to carry around with you all the time. The built-in flash of the Samsung GX-1S gives the best results within a range of 0.7 m to 4 m from the subject. Taking flash pictures closer than the recommended 0.7 m distance may cause vignetting and the exposure will not be properly controlled. One thing you need to take care of before you use the built-in flash: remove the lens hood! The Samsung GX 1S camera features five flash settings. Standard is the Auto setting where the camera automatically determines surrounding light and the built-in flash pops up and discharges automatically when necessary. Other flash settings are automatic flash with red-eye reduction, fill-in flash and a manual flash with red-eye reduction. On the mode dial you will be able to turn off the flash.
Playback on TV Manual mode Exposure compensation
Samsung GX-1S Exposure compensation
Samsung GX-1S Playback on TV Samsung GX-1S Manual mode Samsung GX-1S Exposure compensation
The Samsung digital SLR camera can be connected to a monitor or a big screen. The GX-1S dSLR comes with a video camera and features, of course, a PC Video interface. Instead of sharing the captured moments on the 2-5 inch monitor it is a joy to share your favourite moments with family and friends on different occasions on a large television screen. Connect the camera to a big screen, turn the camera on and enjoy.
The mode dial on top of the camera features the M (manual) mode. The M mode lets you create the picture you have in mind by setting the combination of the shutter speed and aperture values. This mode is convenient when taking pictures using shutter speed and aperture settings to achieve intentionally under-exposed (darker) or over-exposed (brighter) photographs.
There are occasions you need to manually change the exposure value set automatically by the camera, in order to get better results. When you are shooting bright subjects like snow, the end result will turn out darker than in real life. The exposure compensation mode allows you to deliberately over-expose (brighten) or under-expose (darken) your picture. You can adjust the EV Compensation from -2 to +2 (EV) in increments of 1/2 EV or 1/3 EV.
GX-1S Batteries GX-1S Remote shooting GX-1S Fn menu
Samsung GX-1S Batteries
Samsung GX-1S Remote shooting
Samsung GX-1S Batteries Samsung GX-1S Remote shooting Samsung GX-1S Fn menu
The new digital SLR from Samsung runs on two CR-V3 or four AA Ni-MH batteries, AA lithium batteries, or AA alkaline batteries. Push and hold the battery cover unlock lever and open the battery compartment. Insert the batteries, close the cover and you are ready to go. The battery indicator on the statue panel shows the status of the inserted batteries. The advantage of using regular AA format batteries is clear, using the Lithium versions gives you more power, resulting in more shots.
The optional remote control can be used to shoot remote pictures. Point the remote control unit towards the front of the camera and press the shutter release button on the remote control. The operating distance of the remote control unit is about 5 m from the front of the camera. The shutter will be released immediately or approximately 3 seconds after the shutter release button on the remote control unit is pressed, depending on the drive mode selected.
On the back of the camera we find the Fn button. After pressing the button a menu appears. In record mode four items appear in the menu: drive mode, flash mode, white balance and sensitivity. The drive mode selects continuous shooting, self-timer, remote control or auto bracket. The other modes let you set flash, white balance and sensitivity settings.
Dennis Hissink
Samsung GX-1S
Editor's comment:
"The introduction of the Samsung GX-1S is the first entrance of Samsung into the digital SLR market. Today's digital SLR cameras are dictated, with regard to market share, by Canon and Nikon. The rest of the market is shared by Olympus, Fujifilm, Pentax and several others. New players like Samsung will face some tough competition, and need to invest heavily in innovative techniques and technologies. This year is an important year for the digital imaging industry. Cards will be shuffled again, the competition is fierce. In 2004, in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Canon spoke the magic words: "In 2007 only 5 brands will be of importance or even exist in the digital camera market..." The cooperation between Samsung and Pentax could however bring some extras into the market. The Samsung GX-1S is Samsung's first product and I am sure there will soon be another announcement. Is the public ready for a non-traditional digital SLR brand? Whilst the traditional public with an analogue inheritance may hesitate, the younger generation may well decide to embrace the Samsung dSLR products without any doubts whatsoever. The Samsung GX-1S is an entry-level digital SLR camera with interesting specifications. I hope to see a mid-range dSLR from Samsung soon, preferably within 6 months..."
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