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Samsung GX-1S SLR preview
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Saturday 25th February 2006
Written by Dennis Hissink
Samsung Techwin started with the aircraft engine business in 1977, transferred its industries in 1999 and is now concentrating on the high-technology industry, including semiconductor systems and opto-electronics. Among its all-round activities Samsung produces a portfolio of digital cameras. For years Samsung introduced compact camera models, but after announcing the agreement with Pentax to cooperate and jointly develop new digital camera products, we see Samsung entering the digital SLR market as well. About a month ago Samsung officially announced the Samsung GX-1S dSLR camera. Samsung's first digital SLR camera is the first camera that comes out of this cooperation and those of you who are familiar with the Pentax *ist DS2 digital SLR camera will notice that the specifications of the two models are 99.9% identical. Although we have only had this pre-production sample in the office for a very short period of time we can still give you a more extensive preview of the first Samsung digital SLR camera. The Samsung GX1S features an effective 6.1 Megapixel resolution, incorporates an 11-point AF sensor, includes a high-speed consecutive shooting mode of up to 2.8 frames per second, up to eight frames in JPEG shooting and up to five frames per second when shooting in Raw Mode.
Samsung GX-1S
Samsung GX-1S Camera Preview
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Samsung GX-1S Body Samsung GX-1S Secure Digital
Samsung GX-1S Body
Samsung GX-1S Body Samsung GX-1S Secure Digital
Holding the Samsung GX-1S in my hands feels both secure and comfortable. The camera is light weight (about 505 g) and its dimensions (125x92.5x67 mm) are small enough to bring the camera with you all the time. The front of the Samsung GX-1S features the standard Pentax K lens mount with AF coupling. On the lower right side of the lens a lock button unlocks the lens from the mount. The self-timer LED can be found in the grip, while the Focus mode switch is located on the opposite side. The top of the camera features the pop-up flash compartment, external flash hot-shoe and a rather small status LCD panel. To the left you will find the mode dial with diverse exposure modes and scenes. The rear of the Samsung GX 1S holds the controls and, of course, the LCD monitor and optical viewfinder. Several command buttons can be found left and right of the 2.5-inch monitor. The Secure Digital (SD) card slot is located in the grip. On the opposite side, behind a solid lid, the USB is hidden, as well as the A/V, DC input and cable switch interfaces. The Samsung GX-1S uses the very common Secure Digital flash card for storage. This type of memory card comes in various models. First of all you have the storage capacity, running from 16MB up to 2GB, secondly you have a difference in speed. Some manufacturers like SanDisk have even transformed the SD card into a dual function flash memory card: memory and USB interface in one package. Very handy! The captured images are recorded on the Secure Digital memory card. Before you open the SD compartment you have to make sure the camera is switched off. You need to press the unlock lever of the card compartment upwards in order to open the card cover. Insert the card all the way until you hear a click. Close the door and you are ready to capture your first shot. To remove the card, just push it until you hear a click. The card is now released and can be removed from the camera. The Samsung GX-1S dSLR is able to shoot 2.8 frames per second up to 8 frames (JPEG) or 5 frames (RAW).
GX-1S External flash GX-1S AE-L function GX-1S Focussing
Samsung GX-1S External flash
Samsung GX-1S External flash Samsung GX-1S AE-L function Samsung GX-1S Focussing
Besides the internal flash the Samsung GX 1S dSLR camera features a hot shoe so you will be able to use an external flash. Samsung offers an external flash, the Samsung SEF-36PZF, which appears to be a rebadged Pentax AF360FGZ flash gun. Using the optional SEF-36PZF external flash enables a variety of flash modes, such as P-TTL auto flash mode, high-speed flash sync mode, and wireless mode. Sometimes you need to lock and maintain the exposure to get the best result. The aperture and shutter speed are automatically adjusted to the appropriate exposure at that moment if the AE-L button is pressed in M (Manual) mode. You can then choose from the following three adjustment methods in (AE-L button on M exposure) in the C (Custom Setting) menu. In front, right below the lens, you find a button for the MF/AF mode. Selecting the AF mode lets the Samsung GX 1S dSLR focus when the shutter release button is pressed halfway. The MF (Manual focus) adjusts the focus by hand. In the AF mode you can choose from AF-S (single mode) and AF-C (continuous mode). Focus is activated by pressing the shutter release button, in MF mode the shutter release button for focus is deactivated.
Dennis Hissink
Shooting modes Viewfinder diopter Samsung GX-1S
Editor's comment:
"Compared to a year ago the digital industry is changing rapidly. Respectable manufacturers are losing ground or, better said, were never able to transform from analogue to digital like major players such as Canon. It was a shame to lose Konica Minolta as a brand for digital cameras, and it seems that this brand is not the only one to leave the digital camera market. On the other hand, players like Samsung and Panasonic are eager to take over and are transforming rapidly into active digital camera manufacturers. Samsung cooperates with Pentax and introduced the Samsung GX-1S dSLR. Ok, at this moment you are still looking at a rebadged Pentax digital SLR camera, but it is only a matter of time before we will see Samsung introducing their own digital SLR concept. Do I hear Photokina 2006? Anyway, we welcome Samsung entering the dSLR market. It will add some extra competition, which is a good thing in my opinion, otherwise we only see Canon/Nikon branded products on the street..."
Samsung GX-1S Shooting modes Samsung GX-1S Viewfinder diopter
On top of the Samsung GX 1S digital SLR camera you find the mode dial for a variety of shooting modes. A large green mode indicates the easiest operation mode, it divides the mode dial into two sections: easy scenery modes and advanced setting modes. The scenes exist of seven settings, the advanced modes contain shutter and aperture priority, program, manual and Bulb mode. The mode dial is heavy to turn, it is therefore not likely to change the dial accidentally. The viewfinder of the Samsung GX-1S camera features a diopter. If it is difficult to see through the viewfinder clearly, just slide the diopter adjustment lever sideways until you see the image sharply. It is possible to remove the eyecup in order to make it more convenient to slide the diopter adjustment lever. In case the visibility is still not clear you may choose to use the optional diopter correction lens adapter to get a better result. In that case the eyecup must be removed.
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