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Ricoh GR Digital Camera Preview Storage medium
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Friday 23th September 2005
Written by Dennis Hissink
Ricoh GR Digital camera review
The Ricoh GR Digital supports Secure Digital (SD) flash cards: I have used the SanDisk Ultra II SD Plus flash card which provides a unique capability of utilizing the SD card in a USB port. There is no need for a card reader anymore to upload your content to a PC or notebook. By 'breaking' the card in the middle it transforms itself into a USB adapter! Offering 8 Megapixels and RAW format images we recommend using at least 1GB for storage. Open the lever of the battery/flash card compartment, push the card till it clicks and close the cover. The Rich GR Digital also features an internal memory of 26MB which is only used when no external SD flash card is used.
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