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Ricoh GR Digital Camera Preview
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Friday 23th September 2005
Written by Dennis Hissink
Retro-focus lens Mode dial
Ricoh GR Retro-focus lens
Ricoh GR Retro-focus lens Ricoh GR Mode dial
The Ricoh GR Digital camera is equipped with a retro-focus lens using a concave lens toward the subject and a convex lens toward the CCD. In addition to this; two glass-molded aspheric lenses and one special low-dispersion lens are used to create an optimum result. This optical configuration fully corrects and reduces distortion, colour and frame aberration. Besides that it also improves the transmissive behaviour of the lens. The Ricoh GR Digital is equipped with a high quality 7-blade aperture and neutral density (ND) filter. These features enable high resolution, high image quality from edge to edge, low noise in dark areas, natural tone and gradations, and good background blurring upon aperture release. The ND filter absorbs each base colour: R, G, and B, allowing larger apertures to be utilized. In combination with the high 8.13 effective Megapixels the GR Digital camera delivers high image quality.
On top of the camera we find a mode dial. Normally the dial can be turned right away, but Ricoh makes sure you won't do this by accident. Above the mode dial there is a small unlock-button that needs to be held down while turning the Mode dial to the desired setting. The Mode dial contains main settings like SCENE, M, A, P, AUTO and Movie. The SCENE setting contains only two scenes; TEXT or SOUND mode. The Aperture mode (A) is used to set the aperture manually, the GR Digital automatically chooses the correct shutter speed. Program shift mode (P) is an advanced AUTO mode that is used for changing the combination of aperture and shutter speed. Press the shutter button half-way down, a combination of aperture and shutter speed appears for 10 seconds. During this time you are able to change the combination. AUTO mode and Movie mode are for easy shooting still images or video clips. To use the Ricoh GR Digital camera fully manually you select M (Manual). You can use the front and back turning wheel to change aperture and shutter speed.
Digital zoom ADJ button Self timer
Ricoh GR Digital zoom Ricoh GR ADJ button Ricoh GR Self timer
Ricoh GR Digital zoom Ricoh GR ADJ button Ricoh GR Self timer
Although the Ricoh GR Digital is not equipped with an optical zoom (in stead you get a superb fixed 28mm GR lens in return), the camera offers a digital zoom function. The button is placed on the spot you'd normally find the optical zoom button. The digital zoom function of the GR Digital camera is able to magnify the subject up to about 4 times the original size. In the set-up menu of the camera you can enable or disable the digital zoom function. In RAW mode you cannot use the digital zoom.
The ADJ mode allows the user to register two functions other than the functions that are already assigned to the ADJ button (Exposure compensation, white balance and ISO settings). The ADJ functions like a quick button. In stead of activating the menu, scroll through the various TAB pages, choose the desired mode and change it, you can assign a feature like photometry or image setting to the ADJ button. A convenient method to prevent navigating in the menu for too much time in stead of concentrating on your next moment to be captured.
Want to make a self portrait with 21mm? Just activate the self timer on the Ricoh GR Digital camera and you will have your face captured for the next century or more. You can set the self timer to shoot after either two or ten seconds. Turn the camera on and turn the mode dial to AUTO, P, A, M or SCENE mode, press the self timer button, press the shutter release button and try to be in front of the camera in time, you've got two or ten seconds.
Software Charging the battery Contents of the box
Ricoh GR Software
Ricoh GR Contents of the box
Ricoh GR Software Ricoh GR Charging the battery Ricoh GR Contents of the box
Ricoh delivers software on CD-ROM with the GR Digital camera. Just insert the Caplio CD-ROM into your drive and a welcoming screen appears. When you choose to install the software you will get Ricoh Gate La and ImageMixer installed on your desktop PC or notebook. The CD-ROM also contains some drivers like USB and WIA drivers. OS Windows XP, 98, 98SE, ME and 2000 are supported. ImageMixer software is a user-friendly program that allows you to edit and display images on your computer.
Of course you will need to charge the Lithium-Ion battery before you can use the Ricoh GR Digital camera. Unpack the box, plug the power cord into the back of the charger, make sure you place the Lithium-Ion battery on the charger the right way and slide it into the unit. The indicator lamp of the charger will glow to show the battery is charging, it will turn off when its fully charged. It will take about two hours for a full charge. It is recommended buying a spare battery to use in cases when you are in need of more energy than a full battery can deliver and there is no chance of charging it.
The Ricoh GR Digital camera comes in a box containing, besides the GR Digital camera: AV cable - to use when viewing images on a TV, USB cable - used to connect the camera to a computer or a Direct Print supported printer, Hand strap, Rechargeable battery and charger. There is no external flash memory card delivered because the Ricoh GR Digital has a built-in memory of 26MB. Of course this is not sufficient to play around with, especially not when shooting 8 Megapixel RAW images. We advice buying at least 1GB Secure Digital card with fast read and write speed.
Dennis Hissink - LetsGoDigital Online Magazine
Ricoh GR Digital
Ricoh GR Digital offering 8 Megapixels and a high-class GR Lens
Editor's conclusion:
"We have had the Ricoh GR Digital in the office only for a short period of time, we experimented with it in and around the office and we've come to the conclusion that this is a digital camera that is one of a kind. I love the GR lens, although I cannot reach an end-result conclusion due to the pre-production status of the camera, but 28mm in combination with the conversion lens making it 21mm and with the external viewfinder packed in a compact lightweight body has been a most pleasant experience to work with.. Ricoh has developed a unique high quality digital camera. A product that will find it's way to the GR series fan or the enthusiastic photographer looking for a compact, classy styled wide angle digital camera. There might be a crowd out there not appreciating the concept, but for the real enthusiastic photographer or hobbyist the Ricoh GR Digital is a wannahave by all means..... "
Ricoh GR Digital offering 8 Megapixels and a high-class GR Lens
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