SUN-SG8 Digital Photo Frame
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SUN-SG8 digital Photo Frame Review
Sun Group Digital Photo Frame
Tuesday 13th June 2006
Written by Dennis Hissink
The film roll is not the only thing to feel the impact of the sweeping changes that the digital camera has brought to the world of photography. Take the traditional photo frame, something that almost everyone owns, usually with a photograph of a loved one, family members or holiday shots. Throughout the years, the frame is replaced or given a new photo. This way of sharing memories with others or keeping them for your own enjoyment has been a tradition for years and still gives people a lot of pleasure. However, it is obvious that new trends are slowly cropping up even in this product group. Consider the digital photo frame, an electronic version of the traditional photo frame that has suddenly given consumers new possibilities.

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Digital Photo Frame - LCD display Digital Photo Frame - Adaptor & Cables
SUN SG8 Digital Photo Frame LCD display SUN SG8 Digital Photo Frame Adaptor & Cables
SUN SG8 Digital Photo Frame LCD display SUN SG8 Digital Photo Frame Adaptor & Cables
We recently received a so-called Digital Photo Frame from Sun Group. The Digital Photo Frame is a LCD display with which you can easily play a complete collection of photographs. The pictures saved on a memory card can be read directly by one of the built in card locks. As the Digital Photo Frame is small and compact, you can share your photos in a large format (8"). Using the handy support at the back of the LCD display, you can place the Digital Photo Frame both vertically and horizontally as a replacement for the traditional photo frame. It would be more accurate to call it a Digital Multimedia Frame.
The Digital Photo Frame is supplied with a mains supply adaptor (100 - 240V), an Audio/Video cable, a remote control and an easy to understand instruction manual. To start it, you just need to connect a cable from the mains supply to the display and plug it in. Put the flash memory card with the photos in one of the card slots and you can immediately start looking at the pictures, or even combine them with music. The Digital Photo Frame enables you to show pictures accompanied by music or even videos. The name Digital Photo Frame does not reveal its scope; it would be more accurate to call it a Digital Multimedia Frame.
Photo Frame - Supported formats Photo Frame - Flash Memory Cards
Supported Memory cards
SUN-SG8 Digital Photo Frame Supported formats SUN-SG8 Digital Photo Frame Flash Memory Cards
The LCD display has a reproduction resolution of 640 x 480 pixels and supports JPEG, TIFF and BMP format photographs as well as MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4, WMA, MP3, AAC, Motion JPEG and Divx formats. If a digital photo has a higher resolution, the Digital Photo Frame will automatically adjust to the reproduction resolution. The pictures can be shown both horizontally and vertically. The Digital Photo Frame is operated either via the accompanying remote control or via buttons on the back of the panel.
The appliance is equipped with different card slots that are capable of supporting practically every available flash memory card (via optional adaptors). According to the manufacturer it is even possible to connect an external hard disk via the integrated USB interface, to give you a virtually unlimited number of pictures, music or video clips. I used the digital photo frame using a SanDisk Extreme III memory card, but of course, you can use any card you like.
Photo Slide Show Multimedia Photo Frame Calender with timer
Digital Photo Frame Slide show Digital Photo Frame Slide show
Digital Photo Frame Slide Show Digital Photo Frame Multimedia Digital Photo Frame Calender timer
As soon as you switch on the Digital Photo Frame the internal operating system starts up and you can put the memory card directly into the lock. The pictures will then be shown in an index of 4,9,16 or 25 pictures. You can zoom in, rotate or move on to the next picture using the accompanying remote control. However, you can also do so much more. What about a slide show in any order you want or showing the picture with adjustable intervals or even accompanied by background music?
The menu is divided into 6 chapters: Photo, Music, Video, File, Favorite and Time, and also has a Set up for settings like language, etc. The menu is easy to operate using the remote control. It can be navigated quickly and the subjects can be approached directly. Once you have installed it the way you want, the Digital Photo Frame is a great replacement for the traditional photo frame.
The built-in calendar of the Digital Photo Frame is very convenient. Imagine placing the SUN-SG8 Digital Photo Frame in your bedroom, just insert your flash memory card and wake up with your favourite photos and some easy-listening background music just by programming the timer functions that turns the Digital Photo Frame into your personal alarm clock.
Dennis Hissink
Setup Menu Remote Control
Photo Frame
Editor's conclusion
"The SUN-SG8 Digital Photo Frame is one of kind. There are more digital displays on the market, but till now I haven't seen any display that has so many goodies built-in. The interchangeable frames give you the opportunity to integrate this display smoothly in your living room, bedroom, office, store and many other situations. The Digital Photo Frame distinguishes itself by the amount of features it offers. You can't think of it or the SUN-SG8 Photo Frame is capable of serving you. Insert a Flash memory card that contains all those favourite moments, audio, video or photos, in the free memory slot and copy your files to a CompactFlah memory card. With the Digital Photo Frame you are able to manage your files via the display and the remote controller which I believe is very convenient. The optional 12V cable lets you even use the Frame in a car or on the boat. One of the other excellent features is the option to set the frame with the built-in timer on and off at your convenience; a perfect tool for the retailer who would like to display his business to potential clients. I am very enthusiastic about the multimedia character of the display. The way it let itself controlled by is just so convenient. Choose your favourite photos, mark them and start the slide show and enjoy the multimedia show. If you are looking for a special gift for a special friend, or a display that helps you promote your product; the SUN-SG8 is it. The Digital Photo Frame has an affordable price and simply gives you good value for money!"
Digital Photo Frame Setup Menu Digital Photo Frame Remote Control
To make the LCD display attractive the manufacturer has given the LCD screens a black frame. Conveniently, this frame can be taken off and replaced by a frame in a different colour or even another size. This facilitates other possibilities. For example, imagine a restaurant where not only does the menu have an attractive picture of the meal on the display, but where the display has a place on the wall and a stylish frame. The possibilities are endless: the Digital Photo Frame is actually a means of communication. Communication with word and image in frames in any way you please.
The SUN-SG8 Digital Photo Frame comes with a stylish white coloured remote control. The credit card shaped remote control gives you access to the extensive menu of the photo frame. The photo, music or video data is in a very easy way controlled by the remote controller. Navigating through the user-friendly menu of the display by just pushing the arrows on the RC, and change the settings you desire is as easy as it sounds. Within a click you zoom into a digital picture or rotate it when needed. The remote controller lets you handle anything you would like to make sure that the Digital Photo Frame can give it all.
About SUN Group SUN-SG8 Digital Photo Frame Features
- Supports the following memory card formats: CFI, II / MD / SM / MS / MS pro / SD / MMC
- Photo data format: JPEG & BMP & TIFF
- Plays MP3 music with the integrated speaker
- Video Format: M-JPEG (Digital Camera), MPEG1 (VCD), MPEG2 (DVD), and MPEG4 (Movie)
- Support NTSC / PAL composite video output
- Support photo zoom, rotate and slide show with background music
- Allows for copying of files between different cards
- Able to copy files from USB storage device
- Compatible with most digital cameras' stored JPEG images & Motion JPEG
- Calendar with month and date display.
- Clock: Time, Alarm clock with snooze function
- DXSB for Divx network & Multi -Audio Xvid for Divx codec
- Remote Control, with easy operation for copying, deleting, of files between different memory card.
- Select any photos to favorite file to make special slide show for your optional photos.
- Photo rotate/Zoom/thumbnail/Auto Slide show
- File and/or data can be swapped between two different Memory card
- Adaptable for use in Car, Truck, Boat with a special design (12 or 24V) cable. (Optional)
- Can be connected with External HDD to load or run the HDD's data
- Can pre-set up this unit Auto-power "On" or "Off" by user.
- VESA Mount (75mm) compatible
- Sleek "credit card" style remote control
- Two position stand for vertical or horizontal display
- Interchangeable Frames Silver, Black, Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Orange
- User-Friendly on-screen display allows for easy user control
- Universal Power - for Line Voltage of 90 - 240V (Designed to meet International Standards)
Sun Group Company overview
Sun Group has been manufacturing TFT, LCD/TV, Plasma Displays since 1994. Currently the company produces 3.5", 5.6", 7", 8", 10.4", 15" and 17" models of digital Photo frames. The company is also looking for worldwide distributors, importers and OEM customers for representing such products. Additional, she is now on the way to upgrade other new line and believe it will revolutionize the way consumers use their camera and mobile phones.
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