Pentax 645 digital medium format camera
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Nikon Coolpix S2 Digital Camera Preview
Pentax 645 Digital medium format camera
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It was around March 2005 when we were informed about the new Pentax Digital medium format camera. At that time there was nothing more to report on than the fact that Pentax Corporation announced the first Pentax 645 Digital medium format camera at the Photo Imaging Expo (PIE), held in Tokyo (March 2005). The expectation was that in 2006 Pentax was ready to introduce a final product or at least a pre-production model almost close to a final unit, but so far nothing like this showed up at any event like IFA (Germany) or PhotoPlus (USA). We got a little bit more information about this new Pentax medium format camera, and it seems that around PMA 2006 we may see a more final version of the Pentax 645 Digital. According to the information from Pentax the new medium format camera is currently under development for a market launch in 2006. Though a specific marketing time is not official we assume the PMA 2006 (Orlando, USA) will be the first world event where the Pentax 645 Digital makes its appearance in a more detailed and final version. At this moment there are three conceptual mock-ups showcased to collect data from visitors and professional users of high-end camera products.
Pentax 645 Digital medium format - One million yen ($8500,00 US Dollar) or less.
Pentax 645 medium format Kodak KAF-18000CE 18MP image sensor
Kodak KAF-18000CE 18MP image sensor
Pentax 645 medium format - CCD and Price
Kodak KAF 18000CE - Image Sesnor
At this moment the Pentax 645 Digital information learns us that Pentax will use a Kodak-developed CCD. Pentax will still not reveal any specific information about the number of recording pixels, image sensor dimensions or any other technical information. The information so far is that the new Pentax Digital medium format camera will incorporate a new Kodak-developed extra-large CCD image sensor with a total of 18.6 Megapixels and the camera will offer a reliable Pentax 645AF mount for full compatibility with existing smc Pentax 645 interchangeable lenses. Although an official price of the new Pentax 645 Digital is not mentioned Pentax is trying to market the medium format camera at a price of one million yen ($8500,00 US Dollar) or less.

Pentax decided to make three mock-ups offering different design themes in order to receive a wide variety of comments and opinions from their clients and (future) customers. It is interesting to see that one mock-up has no information panel on top of the camera, the other two have similar panels on top. Although the information Pentax will get is not the most important weight figure, Pentax will consider these comments and opinions very seriously in deciding the final design. Although the development of a new medium-format digital SLR camera, tentatively named Pentax 645 Digital, has made public the information about the new Pentax Digital medium format camera should be regarded as "a mere display of conceptual mock-ups," rather than "a presentation of actual reference products." Therefore it is important to mention that the three mock-ups may be totally different to the final product.
The new Kodak KAF-18000CE image sensor has been selected by Pentax Corporation for use in the Pentax 645, leverages Kodak's 9-micron pixel design and color technology for exceptional image quality, sensitivity, dynamic range, and color fidelity. With 18.6 million total pixels, the sensor provides an output resolution of 18 megapixels to capture images with exceptional clarity and detail. New to the KAF-18000CE is a dual-output architecture that enables faster sensor read-out times, allowing camera designers to achieve increased frame rates in their final camera designs. With this unique combination of image quality and speed, the KAF-18000CE provides manufacturers an affordable image sensor that is ideal for landscape, fashion, or wedding photography.

The new image sensor is the latest addition to Kodak's extensive and growing line of image sensors, delivering the core technology that drives the most advanced developments in digital imaging applications. A pioneer in imaging sensors, Kodak develops, manufactures, and markets both CCD and CMOS image sensors for applications ranging from satellite and medical imaging applications to digital cameras and machine vision products.

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