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Olympus E-330 Evolt SLR Camera preview
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Sunday 12th February 2006
Written by Dennis Hissink
Preview conclusion
The most interesting new feature within the E-330 digital SLR camera is of course the Live LCD view. And because of this innovative feature it would be a shame not to do anything extra with the 2.5 inch LCD monitor. When we take a look at the back of the Olympus E-330 dSLR you immediately see the thick frame that hides the large LCD monitor. Pull out the LCD monitor and you will be able to face it 45 degrees down, turn it more toward you or push it up again until 90 degrees. This tilting LCD display is something we have seen before but up until now only on advanced digital compact cameras. Incorporating the Live view feature digital SLR photographers will benefit from a tilting LCD. The benefits are obvious; take shots from any angle you want to, down to the ground or over a bunch of people. The introduction of the Olympus E-330 could easily change the dSLR concept from now on, making the step from a compact digital camera to the dSLR remarkably smaller.
Olympus E-330 EVOLT SLR Tilting LCD display
Olympus E-330 Master software Olympus E-330 Built-in flash
Olympus E-330 EVOLT Master software
Olympus E-330 EVOLT Master software Olympus E-330 EVOLT Built-in flash
The Olympus E-330 comes with a CD-ROM of Master software. Get the most out of your digital photography experience with Olympus Master software. Designed to enhance the organization, editing, and sharing of your pictures, Olympus Master combines an easy-to-use interface with the latest digital imaging tools and functionality. Via the Olympus website you will be able to upgrade your Olympus Master software. Upgrading to Olympus Master Plus gives you even more advanced movie (QuickTime) and still-image editing features: Record onto CD/DVD media; Create Video CDs, Slideshows, Wallpaper, and Screensavers; Print with backgrounds or other illustrations; and more. The Olympus Master and Master Plus versions are compatible with Windows 98SE, Me, 2000, Professional, XP and Mac OS X 10.2 (or higher), and support Olympus USB-equipped cameras, including Auto-Connect USB for instant viewing and management of your images. The Olympus E-330 camera incorporates a built-in flash. I always find this very handy in circumstances when a simple fill-in flash is sufficient to get the job done and you simply don't want to carry the external flash with you all the time. The Olympus E-330 digital SLR camera sets the flash mode according to various factors such as firing pattern and flash timing. Available flash modes depend on the exposure mode. The flash modes are available to optional external flashes. You choose from a variety of flash settings; automatic flash, red-eye reduction flash, slow synchronisation (1st curtain) flash, slow synchronisation (2nd curtain) flash, slow synchronisation (1st curtain) / red-eye reduction flash, fill in flash and flash off. Additionally the manual flash mode lets you select the amount of light firing (1/1, 1/4, 1/16 and 1/64). The guide number of the internal flash is 13 at ISO 100.
Olympus Eyepiece shutter E-330 live view "B" mode Manual shooting
Olympus E-330 Eyepiece shutter Olympus E-330 Live view "B" mode Olympus E-330 Manual shooting
Olympus E-330 Eyepiece shutter Olympus E-330 Live view "B" mode Olympus E-330 Manual shooting
Although you might consider the Olympus E-330 dSLR as a full featured entry-level camera or at least not specially targeted at the semi-pro, there is one thing that could cause some trouble. When shooting without looking through the viewfinder, it is recommended to turn the eyepiece shutter lever and close the eyepiece shutter so that the light does not enter the viewfinder. How many beginners or even advanced users will think of that? One of the benefits of the Live LCD view mode is that it is possible to enlarge the subject 10 times for display. The focus can also be confirmed or adjusted on the enlarged picture. Press the INFO button to switch to the screen for display. Use the multi-controller to move the frame and press the OK button to confirm. The area inside will be enlarged 10x. Turning the focus ring enables you to focus on the subject. This mode allows you to set both aperture and shutter speed manually. You can check how much it differs from the appropriate exposure by using the exposure level indicator. This mode gives you more creative control, allowing you to make whatever settings you like, regardless of the correct exposure. Bulb shooting is also possible, allowing you to take astronomic or fireworks pictures.
Auto focus illuminator AEL Button Exposure compensation
Olympus E-330 Auto Focus illuminator Olympus E-330 AEL Olympus E-330 Exposure compensation
Olympus E-330 Auto Focus illuminator Olympus E-330 AEL Olympus E-330 Exposure compensation
Activate the menu of the camera and you will find the AF Illuminator function. The built-in flash can function as an Auto focus illuminator. This helps with focusing in low-light conditions in the AF mode. Before you can use this function you have to raise the flash and activate the AF illuminator function in the menu of the Olympus E-330 camera. Sometimes it is useful to lock and maintain the exposure. Pressing the AEL button locks both, pressing again cancels maintaining the exposure. This function works with every metering mode of the camera. In the menu you can select the metering for the AEL mode. You can select Auto or one of four metering settings. In some situations, you may get better results if you manually compensate (adjust) the exposure value set automatically by the camera. In many cases, bright subjects (such as snow) will turn out darker than their natural colours. Adjusting toward + makes these subjects closer to their real shades. For the same reason, adjust toward - when shooting dark subjects. The exposure can be adjusted in range of ±5.0 EV.
Dennis Hissink
Olympus EVolt E330 SLR Olympus E-330
Olympus E-330 Tilting LCD display
Editor's comment:
"The Olympus E-330 is a very interesting digital SLR, interesting; because of its Live LCD view mode and the incorporation of its tilting LCD display and its rich features. Though you might wonder why Olympus introduced the E-330 as a point and shoot digital SRL... Olympus already has a great dSLR to offer; the Olympus E-500. Besides the endless settings the Olympus E-330 has something unique to offer; the innovative Live View feature. It will give the photographer the perfect tool to capture that impossible shot or focus with a greater accuracy than possible with other dSLR cameras. Personally I think the more advanced photographers will immediately recognize the potential of such a feature and therefore qualify the E-330 as a semi-pro dSLR. On the other hand the amateur will get a user-friendly dSLR, entry-level operation but a camera with the potential to gain more experience in digital photography. Well hence, I already gave the answer to my thoughts... the Olympus E-330 is an all-round digital SLR camera for a broad range of users... remarkable!"
Olympus E-330 Tilting LCD display
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