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Published : Wednesday, November 21th 2007
Written by Dennis Hissink
Operation "Olympus E3 DSLR"
My first acquaintance with the Olympus E-3 is positive. The expectations were quite high, also because it concerned a successor of the Olympus E-1 that already proved itself in practice. The E-1 may be looked upon as a semi-pro DSLR camera but got surpassed from all sides in the last few years. The one thing that remained through the years is its reliability and its solidness, features that are of indescribable value to a photographer. The Olympus E-3 still has to proof itself in practice and looking at its housing of magnesium alloy and the dust- and waterproof features of the camera we may expect at least the minimum of solidness. Besides that the Olympus E-3 has been equipped with a shutter that is guaranteed for 150,000 times active use which adds to the reliability of the system. As far as waterproof features are concerned my E-3 sample passed with flying colours. During the heavy rain showers the camera did not fail me once in spite of the long hours it was exposed to the wet weather.
Olympus E-3 Digital SLR Camera
Olympus Vari-angle LCD Monitor Olympus E-3 EVolt
E3 Olympus E-3 EVolt
2.5" Vari-angle LCD screen Olympus optical viewfinder
The Olympus E-3 might seem to look like its predecessor in many ways; some important improvements and innovations have been carried out. Most striking is the LCD monitor on the back of the camera. Unfortunately a larger size was not feasible and the combination of a 2.5 inch LCD screen with a vari-angle construction is a joy to work with. Besides that Live View is a very welcoming feature to be able to capture subjects from almost impossible angles. During my day with the Olympus E-3 I used this option frequently to make pictures that I would not have dared to take before. An additional important detail is the enlargement of the optical viewfinder with a reproduction area of 100%. The viewfinder is bright and clear and for those who will trade in their E-1 for an Olympus E-3 it will be a considerable improvement. The viewfinder offers information on certain settings just like the LCD monitor does. The new AF-points are clearly rendered in the viewfinder. And where the E-1 only had three AF points, the Olympus E3 offers eleven AF points doing their job vertically as well as horizontally. Olympus claim that the E3 is equipped with the fastest auto focus in the world in combination with the newest SWD lenses and although I have not been able to test this yet, I have no reason to doubt it.
Waterproof Olympus E-3 SLR Blue Mosque Sultan Ahmet Istanbul
Waterproof SLR Blue Mosque
Olympus Waterproof DSLR Olympus Press Event Istanbul Turkey
Coming back to Morten Hvaal's presentation it comes down to the fact that Morten has built up a history with the E-1. Morten went to various war areas in the world to make documentaries of the situation and many times he could only depend on the reliability of his E-1 camera. If you want to see some of his work go to mortenhvaal.com, it is worth a visit. Listening to his stories you wonder if a future owner of the Olympus E-3 will ever find himself in these kinds of circumstances. If you presume they would, you would eliminate the largest group consumers of an E-3, namely the semi-pro or the advanced amateur. The Olympus E-3 is not a professional DSLR camera but it certainly has the features of a professional one. Our next stop on the walking-tour is an other cultural heritage, the Blue Mosque and the Aya Sophia. Whilst capturing these beautiful buildings, I keep thinking about the new Olympus E3 camera. You cannot compare it with a Nikon D3 or Canon EOS 1D Mark III but the E3 is definitely capable of competing with the middle segment of the competition and it will also bear comparison within that segment. The housing is one of the best; I don't think you will be able to find a better one. Features like the Anti-dust system, Live View and the IS (Image Stabilizer) are great advantages of the camera. Together with Morten Hvaal, more professional photographers will know from experience that a camera is just an instrument to take pictures with. And whether or not that picture turns out well, depends on the quality of the photographer and the reliability of the camera. This is a very different viewpoint from that of the consumer and also part of the media.
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