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Istanbul Turkey Press Event
Published : Wednesday, November 21th 2007
Written by Dennis Hissink
Conclusion "Olympus E-3 DSLR"
Next we went to the Grand Bazaar. 'Grand' now is a relative expression but the Grand Bazaar is really grand and impressive! Inside the bazaar I worked without flash most of the time, relying on the high ISO settings of the camera. The AF system seems to work errorless and Live View also came in handy here. At one point inside the Turkish Grand Bazaar we visited a small shop offering a demonstration with the intelligent wireless flash system of Olympus. In a corner of the shop, behind a water pipe, the Olympus flash had been set up. My E-3 camera activated this flash, but not before the correct setting for the light situation as found in the shop, had been adjusted through the menu of the camera. Such wireless flash systems lift flash photography to a higher quality level and they are applicable in almost any situation. The demonstration clearly showed us that the Olympus E-3 SLR can be used for these assignments without a problem.
Grand Bazaar Istanbul Turkey Olympus Europe Press Event
Olympus Europe Press Event Turkey Olympus E3 Body
Olympus E-3 DSLR E3 Body
Olympus E-3 Test Sample Olympus E-3 Magnesium SLR body
From the Grand Bazaar we set off to a smaller one, the Spicy Bazaar or Misir Bazaar. A colorful location like this offers an abundance of photo moments. Thirty minutes later we had to go on board of a small ship that took us across the Bosporus, to the other side while the rain was still pouring down. The large jetty offered a beautiful view on a mosque lighting up with different colours every so many minutes. After having reached the other shore there was just about enough time to capture the mosque and to focus on some portrait photography before the bad weather made an end to the demonstration. It was a short one this time, but the results were still perfect. Most of us ended the trip by going back to the Marmara Pera hotel for a hot shower. And unfortunately the moment arrived to part with the Olympus E-3 which we did reluctantly. Time we went to the restaurant 360˚ to finish off the evening. For most of us the day lasted a lot longer than a standard working day, but as always: there is a time for serious business and there is a time for relaxation. The next day we only had to do two things; checking out of the hotel and taking the plane to Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
Olympus E-3 Digital SLR
Olympus E-3 Digital SLR
During the Olympus E-3 event I was able to work with the camera for an entire day and I must admit that I was nicely surprised. Not that I did not have faith in the long development period necessary to build a new D-SLR camera but more so because Olympus once again have presented a full D-SLR with its very own character. The competition is heavy and ruthless and the technique advances with big steps. The Olympus E-3 seems to fit in perfectly in the current D-SLR market but it is capable of keeping its own identity. A full production sample of the Olympus E-3 with firmware 1.0 was delivered at the DIWA Test Lab in Norway after my visit to Turkey and extensive tests have already been carried out. It is too early to comment on the image quality but in a few weeks time we will publish a full review of the Olympus E-3, so keep your eye on our site!
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