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Istanbul Turkey
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Istanbul Turkey Press Event
Published : Wednesday, November 21th 2007
Written by Dennis Hissink
Introduction "Flying to Istanbul"
Not even 3 weeks after returning from my trip to Kenya, where I attended the EOS Safari 2007 event on the invitation of Canon, I found the next invitation on my digital doormat. This time it concerned an invitation from Olympus to Istanbul, Turkey, for the introduction of the long expected successor of the E1 to the press. Journalists from all over the world were flown into Turkey in groups to join the ten day event. Besides a number of Dutch colleagues, the Belgian and English press were also present during my stay. Upon our arrival at Istanbul's Atatürk airport a bus took us to the famous Topkapi palace. A guide gave us a one hour tour through this beautiful cultural heritage and we were able to visit a few sections. The Topkapi palace was built in 1478 and in its glorious era it covered an area of 700,000 square meters. Nowadays the area still measures approximately 80,000 square meters.
Topkapi Palace Istanbul Turkey Olympus Europe Press Event
Olympus Europe Press Event Olympus E-3 Features
Ortaköy Mosque Olympus E-3 Features
Ortaköy Mosque near the Bosphorus Bridge Olympus E3 Presentation
Unfortunately on the day of my arrival there was no possibility to work with the new Olympus E-3 so the first images have been captured with my own equipment. After visiting the Topkapi palace our group left for the Marmara Pera hotel, situated on the shore of the Bosporus. The Bosporus divides the European and Asian part of Turkey. Once checked into the hotel, and freshened up a little, it was time to go for dinner and after that we took a stroll in the surroundings of the hotel. The ever so busy Beyoğlu district was very quiet on this day due to the fact that it was Sunday the day of our arrival. The next day of course the Olympus E-3 digital SLR camera was the order of the day. The first part of the morning a small presentation was held about the most striking features of the camera and we got some foreknowledge of certain settings. And at the end of the presentation we finally got in our hands what we wanted all along: a bag with the Olympus E-3 with kit lens, a foldable reflection screen and... a raincoat for one-off use. The latter turned out to become very useful; the organization listened well to their hunch!
Professional press photographers shooting with the new Olympus E-3 Digital SLR
Professional press photographers
That day three moments were chosen to demonstrate a certain functionality of the Olympus E-3 in practice by a professional photographer after which we had to do it ourselves. Before and in between these demonstrations, the organization had had a trip planned through Istanbul on foot and the most feared part of all, the raincoat, had to be drawn from the Olympus bag and put on. Because it was raining cats and dogs. A pity there was no alternative in case of heavy rainfall but we were still able to capture some nice pictures while walking.
Olympus E-3 Waterproof SLR Grand Bazaar Istanbul Turkey
Olympus Waterproof SLR Olympus E-3
Olympus E3 SLR Camera Olympus E3 DSLR
The one bright spot during the wet walking-tour was getting the experience of working with a camera in heavy rain. The waterproof construction of the Olympus E3 and the Olympus (Pro-series) lenses makes it a piece of cake for this camera to function in these bad weather circumstances. This proof of its reliability and solidness would become even clearer afterwards, during a meeting with Morten Hvaal, professional photographer. Morten can draw upon his personal experiences of working in extreme situations under difficult circumstances which makes one thing very clear: the camera has to be 100% reliable. The Olympus E-3 is based on the FourThirds System. The first camera based on this system is the Olympus E-1, so far still a much belauded D-SLR camera thanks to its stability and solidness. The fact that a successor was coming up was known for at least a few years and I must admit that Olympus did not only leave us in suspense but also the FourThirds system camera photographer. And when the full specifications were announced it was still waiting for our first acquaintance with the E-3. Although the model I used in Istanbul during the E-3 event was not equipped with the final firmware (0.9) we still got permission to publish the test pictures made with this model. Do keep in mind that there is no end conclusion to be drawn as far as image quality is concerned because of the pre-production status of the model.
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