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Nokia N93 Review
Nokia N93 NSeries camera phone
Friday 10th November 2006
Written by Nic Rossmüller
Nokia Video Camera Phone
When the screen is turned into the camera mode the Nokia N93 looks a little like a digital camcorder. The digital camera is activated automatically at the same instant. When you turn the screen back to the normal mode you would think the camera will turn off automatically as well, but at this moment the Nokia N93 changes the large camera to the smaller camera just above the screen. When the screen is in camera mode, you can find a combined button on the back of the Nokia N93 which is used to focus by pressing it half way; do you want to make a photo you have to press it completely. Around the shutter release is a lever with which you can shift to left or right. With this lever the zoom function is controlled, optical and digital.
Nokia N93 Review
Nokia N93 Camera Phone Review
Nokia Setting Options Nokia N93 Flash Nokia N93 Memory
Nokia N93 Setting Options
Nokia N93 Flash
Nokia N93 miniSD Memory card
Nokia N93 Setting Options Nokia N93 Flash Nokia N93 miniSD Memory card
The digital camera of the Nokia N93 features multiple settings, like a setting for white balance. The choices are: automatic, sunny, cloudy, Incandescent and Fluorescent. It is also possible to choose from a few pre-programmed scenes and an automated program. Who buys a phone with a camera like this one will not have high demands when it comes to the setting possibilities. When you look at the pictures after taking them you will be reasonably happy with the results the camera of the Nokia N93 offer. The Nokia has a centre-weighted automated lighting and it features a exposure compensation of +/-1EV which can be set in steps of 0.5. The Nokia has a few adjustable color effects. You can take a normal picture, but you can also play with the settings a bit and use, for instance black and white and sepia. The Nokia N93 has a flash with a reach of about 1.5 meters. When the camera is not active and you press the button to activate flash you can use it as a flash light. There are three settings for flash: on, off and automatic. In certain situations the automatic flash seems to think that the lighting is sufficient, which may be just too little for a well lighted photo. By activating the flash manually it will do more justice to this kind of photos. You will have to think of the reach of the flash. While photographing in a place with more artificial light and where there is more space than flash reach, which is the case most of the times, there will be unwanted discoloring. In these cases, setting the white balance manually will probably offer sufficient solution. The Nokia N93 has an internal memory of 50MB for messages, ring tones, photos, videos, agenda notes, tasks and applications. This memory can be expanded with a miniSD card with a storage capacity of 2GB maximum. A 128MB miniSD card is provided with the device standard. It's an advantage that the photos taken can be stored on the miniSD flash memory card, this way you can store a large number of recordings and are easily transferred to a computer, by the phone or by an external card reader, like the SanDisk MobileMate reader. The photos which you make with the Nokia N93 can be transferred by Nokia XpressPrint to for instance Photoshop or a compatible printer via the wireless Bluetooth technology.
Nokia N93 LCD Monitor Nokia N93 Battery Nokia N93 MP3 Player
Nokia N93 LCD Monitor
Nokia N93 BP-6M battery
Nokia N93 MP3 Player
Nokia N93 LCD Monitor Nokia N93 BP-6M battery Nokia N93 MP3 Player
The Nokia N93 has two LCD screens. On the front side of the phone and of course the main screen. The screen of the Nokia is 2.4-inch in size and has a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels. The monitor of the Nokia N93 has wide angle view of 160 degree and shows a resolution of 262.144 colours. Even in direct sunlight the screen can still be worked at a relative ease. The smaller screen on the front of the mobile phone is 1.1-inch in size and has 65,536 colours. On the smaller screen you can see who is calling, who has called, how many calls you missed and furthermore it displays time and date. The main screen of the Nokia N93 can be used in two ways, normally vertical, but you can also flip it to the side and use it as a wider screen. Nice if you want to see the pictures taken. The Nokia N93 has an 1100mAh Nokia BP-6M battery. This battery ensures hours of calling time, or multiple days in stand-by mode. First I tried the phone for a while and tested and adjusted many settings. In total the Nokia can (easily) be put aside for eight, in good conditions even nine, days without recharging. Calling time will be about five hours. It is nice to have a phone with such a good battery, being able to call for longer periods of time without having to recharge is totally amazing. The Nokia N93 features multiple ringtones: monophone, polyphone, realtone/truetone and MP3. The sound the Nokia N93 produces is simply sublime, it is clear and distinct. Thanks to the volume of the Nokia N93 you do not have to be afraid to miss a call. Combined with the headset the Nokia N93 is a good MP3 player; the headset is a bit big, but of a good quality. If you are at a place that requires silence, a single push on the button on top of the phone selects a silent setting. You will feel the telephone vibrate; the vibrating function.
Nokia N93 Review Conclusion Nic Rossmüller
Nokia N93
Editor's Conclusion
The Nokia N93 is not the most compact mobile phone to take with you. Due to it's somewhat bigger size and it's rather high weight a bag would be handy to carry it around in. Or you make sure a sturdy trouser or inside pocket are available. It is not a mobile phone designed for the compact mobile phone enthusiast. The built-in camera of the Nokia N93 is a certain step towards quality. The camera phone is on the rise, and will certainly be able to conquer a piece of the compact camera market. As can be expected there will be numerous improvements and innovative solutions applied. During Photokina 2006 the new Nokia N95 was introduced. A very compact en stylish mobile phone with a recording resolution of 5 Megapixels. Undoubtedly a model we will be hearing more about. The Nokia N93 Cellphone remains to be a different model, with a high functionality. One of the biggest plusses is the battery power, making extended work with the phone possible. The screen is ideal, well organised and practical in use. Summarized, the out of the ordinary Nokia N93 features a lot of interesting functions and despite the above downsides remains a recommendation.
Nokia N93 Smartphone review conclusion
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