Nokia N93 Review
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Nokia N93 Review
Nokia N93 NSeries camera phone
Friday 10th November 2006
Written by Nic Rossmüller
Since time and day people make phone calls with Nokia, number one in mobile phones. Nokia was established in 1865 in the city of Nokia, in south-west Finland, as the producer of paper. At the beginning of the 20th century Nokia produced products like rubber boots and tires, even today you can still encounter you bicycle tires with the name Nokia however, these are no longer produced by Nokia. Nokia as we know it today exists since 1967 and in this year they merged with Finnish Rubberworks and Finnish Cable Works. In 1981 the first mobile telephone networks, NMT, arose in the Scandinavian countries. Nokia produced at that time car phones for this network. It would take until 1987 before Nokia started to produce the first real portable mobile phone. Meanwhile, Nokia has grown to be one of the biggest mobile telephone producers in the world, with their own production in most of countries. Nowadays, Nokia's head office is located in Espoo, Finland. Nokia is well known for its production of durable, high quality cellphones and as such they could not resist releasing another top product on the market, at least: that's what is said about the Nokia N93. We were able to test the device for some time and we will discuss the phone's functions in the following review.
Nokia N93 Camera Phone Review
Nokia N93 Camera Phone Review
Nokia N93 Weight and Size
Nokia N93 Smart phone
Nokia N93 Smart phone Nokia N93
Nokia N93 Smart phone Nokia N93 Weight and Size
The Nokia N93 is a true smart phone, whatever you can come up with, whether it's a WLAN internet connection, MP3 player, an agenda or camera, the Nokia N93 has it, better even: the device has two cameras. You can't overlook the first camera; it's easy to see that the lens comes from Carl Zeiss and that the camera has 3.2 Megapixels with 3x optical zoom. It's harder when it comes to the second camera for it is mounted just above the large screen. Handy if you just want to check your hair but I don't think this is what Nokia intended. It is possible however, to have an enjoyable video conversation with it. This might not be what you would do with the telephone in the first place, but a second camera is surely an option we will encounter more with mobile phones in the future. The Nokia N93 is not a phone for the mass public, it is, however, a device with a lot of pleasant functions and everything has been provided standard. In the Nokia N93's packaging you will find a flash memory card, a wrist strap, cables for connecting it to USB or TV and a case. If we look at the weight of 188 grams and the size of 118 x 55.5 x 28 mm, it is one of the largest mobile phones on the market at the moment. Thus it's not easy to bring it along in your trouser's pockets or a blouse's breast pocket. This, I believe, is one of the Nokia N93's biggest disadvantages. Despite all the functions the device has, it's inconvenient always having to bring the phone in a special case or in a jacket with large pockets.
Nokia N93 Menu Nokia N93 Keys Nokia N93 Zoom
Nokia N93 Menu
Nokia N93 Keys
Nokia N93 Zoom
Nokia N93 Menu Nokia N93 Keys Nokia N93 Zoom
The Nokia N93's menu is not quite the easiest to understand, it took me a while before I could find all the functions that I wanted to use. Once I found the functions and had been using the phone for a while, it was all easy to find, but it is surely a phone where you have to get the manual every now and then to search for all the functions. The Nokia N93 has different possibilities when it comes to SMS, MMS and Phonebook functions, if you want to write a new SMS you will find it on the first screen immediately and you will almost instantly know how the SMS function works. The Nokia N93 has many functions within the menu: it has an agenda and other functions which are quite functional for the business man on the road. Because the phone can utilize a WLAN network and UMTS, it's easy to look something up on the internet or to check your e-mail. Practical when you're on a business trip and where a notebook is not necessary, but when you do want to keep up with your e-mail. Once you get the Nokia N93 out of the package you will see immediately that the phone is all top-quality. In spite of the somewhat large format, the device feels good to the touch and all the keys are in the right place. The number keys are of a good size and are easy to use. Right above the number keys you can find the function keys. Among other things for making a connection with WAP or a WiFi-network, the known C-key for taking a step back in the menu or SMS and the navigation key which ensures suitable and efficient searching of the menu. On the right-hand side you can find the keys for using the camera. A few of these buttons are: the shutter release button, zoom button, flash button and the button to activate the camera. Located on top of the screen there are two more buttons to change the cameras' different settings. The Nokia N93 is equipped with a Carl Zeiss Vario Tessar lens and a CMOS image sensor. The camera has an optical zoom with a reach of 4.5-12.4 mm or, if recalculated to 35mm format, a 34-94 mm lens. This is a good thing for the picture quality when zooming. In comparison to other mobile phones, the most usually only have a digital zoom function, which is a shame if you look at the pictures. The Nokia N93 doesn't only have this camera; it also contains a second camera, right above the screen. With this camera you can have video-conversations, check your hair or make a self-portrait. Video-calling is not being used much at this time, but more and more mobile phone manufacturers make phones with two camera's. The quality of this second camera is reasonably good, the color is of a good enough quality and also a portrait photo made with this camera fulfills our expectations.
Nokia N93 Cellphone N93 Camera Resolution
Nokia N93's 3.2 Megapixel camera has a maximum resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels and an auto focus with a focal length of 10cm till infinity. It is also possible to make macro pictures from 10 cm distance. I have made a few and I may say that these pictures are of very decent quality. The camera of the Nokia N93 is not yet state of the art but is an enormous improvement compared to other camphones and surely a good step in the right direction. Is it's the best in its class? Hard to judge at this point, the camera may have a glass lens and is equipped with a 3x optical zoom, but the pictures are not very sharp. Next to that the control and processing speed could increase a bit. The camera in the Nokia N93 is surely a step in the right direction within the development of mobile phones. Also with a keen eye on the development of image sensors and lenses within the digital camera world this will surely not the end.
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Nokia N93
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