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Updated : September 5th 2008
Nikon D60 Price Nikon D300 Price Nikon D3 Price
Nikon D60 Review Nikon D300 Field Test Nikon D3 Preview
Nikon D60
Nikon D300
Nikon D3
Nikon D60 Review Nikon D300 Review Nikon D3 Sample Photo Gallery
A very important new feature for Nikon's entry-level model is the integration of an anti-dust system. Such a system is always the first thing on a photographer's wish-list while it prevents disappointments and a lot of editing afterwards. The D60 image sensor delivers an ISO sensitivity of 100 - 1600 and offers the possibility to compensate the sensitivity with one extra step to ISO 3200. Read the full Nikon D60 review and judge the image quality of the Nikon D60 sample photo gallery. Jan Vermeer, a passionate Dutch Wildlife photographer, has made a special journey lately with the aim of capturing the emperor penguin in its natural habitat using the Nikon D300 Digital SLR. We have obtained the exclusive rights for our German edition and we gladly refer you to the Nikon D300 field test made in Antarctica. The hotos in the Antarctica field test have been captured with Nikon equipment and mainly with the latest Nikon D300. Updated : Nikon D300 Review During a short stay in Florence, Italy, I used the new Nikon D3 professional digital SLR camera mainly in the evening and on many beautiful historical places, mostly inside museums and old buildings, to take a number of test pictures. At present we have a full production sample in the office and we will publish an in-depth Nikon D3 review soon!
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Nikon D40x Price Nikon D80 Price Nikon D200 Price
Nikon D40x Preview Nikon D80 Preview Nikon D200 Preview
Nikon D40x
Nikon D80
Nikon D200
Nikon D40x Preview Nikon D80 Preview Nikon D200 Preview
The Nikon D40x is handily compact, without losing its stability. It is perfect for taking along somewhere quickly and is ideal for day trips and holidays. I think that Nikon has come up with an extremely strong and convincing concept and I can imagine that we are looking at yet another success after the D80, D200 and D40. I notice that top technology from semi-professional and professional photography is being quickly integrated into amateur DSLR cameras. Nikon is in control and it looks as if it is going to stay that way. Impressive! The Nikon D80 is an extremely interesting digital SLR camera and offers both amateur and hobby photographers lots of creative possibilities to be able to practise digital photography in all its aspects. If the Nikon D200 was just a bit too advanced, the Nikon D80 has a perfect combination of high resolution and top quality reflex techniques. Our first experiences with the Nikon D80 were overwhelmingly positive and it looks as if Nikon will repeat the successes of the D200 with the Nikon D80. For the semi-pro or pro photographer the Nikon D200 D-SLR could be the perfect solution! The built-in features and technique, inherited from the professional D2x, are just great. The technique is high-level and for its price you will get just about everything you could wish for. I have used the D200 for testing in a studio environment, and after shooting some product shots, examining the RAW data and editing the file to my personal desired end-result; I am convinced. This is the camera I was waiting for.
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Nikon D70s Price Nikon D50 Price Nikon D70 Price
Nikon D70s Preview Nikon D50 Preview Nikon D70 Preview
Nikon D70s
Nikon D50
Nikon D70
Nikon D70s Preview Nikon D50 Preview Nikon D70 Preview
The Nikon D70s feels comfortable. The body has a good grip and its ergonomics are excellent. The controls on the Nikon D70s are easy to find. There is no need for searching and the operation is simply smooth. Also speed plays an important roll. The Nikon D70s knows a fast start-up and is able to handle large amount of image files. Those of you who experienced this kind of speed will never think of the old days where speed was just a dream you could wish for... The first time I took the Nikon D50 in my hands it immediately felt comfortable and like I would have expected a Nikon body to feel. I mean no plastic feeling, light weight, but not too light, easy access, intelligent software built-in with lots of 'giving difficult out of your hands' features, built-in flash but also possible to use external flash, manual control options to get more out of it when desired, etc. Personally I like the Nikon D50 a lot, it just gives you the right combination for an excellent price. During our first acquaintance with the Nikon D70 we rapidly moved through all the facets of the camera. The main and most striking features are: the speed of image processing, start-up time, friendly way of operation and the appliance of high quality professional techniques like 3D colour matrix metering, a large internal buffer and the support of i-TTL flash technique. With this D70 Nikon offers a dSLR camera, suitable for a wide range of consumers. The starter as well as professional will look forward meeting this D70!
Nikon D40 Price Nikon D200 Price Nikon D2x Price
Nikon D40 Review Nikon D200 Review Nikon D2x Review
Nikon D40
Nikon D200
Nikon D2x
Nikon D40 Review Nikon D200 Review Nikon D2x Review
Normally I'm not much impressed by entry-level models, but I really enjoyed testing the Nikon D40 SLR. It's a nice looking camera, wonderfully compact but still sturdy. Above all, it's a great camera to operate, and produces fantastic pictures. The settings have a lot of possibilities, without being bewildering. If you are thinking about taking the step from a compact camera to a SLR, you should absolutely go for the D40. If you do, don't forget to buy a Nikon SB-400 flash. Any photographer could easily fall in love with this set. It's absolutely wonderful! We can conclude that Nikon has caused an earthquake in the current d-SLR market with the arrival of the Nikon D200. A camera of this excellence with such a staggering amount of functions and outstanding image quality, in combination with its price-tag, is truly unheard of. The consumer is the one that will benefit most from this, a fact that we can only applaud. The Nikon D200 is a true shining star, a camera of which we are guaranteed to hear more in the near future. Credit to Nikon! Nikon fans have had to wait a long time for the Nikon D2X. For some maybe just a bit too long. But the waiting was well worth it. Professional digital SLR cameras like the Nikon D2X are real work-horses. Meant for intensive use under the strangest and heaviest circumstances. The Nikon D2X is made for it, it can absolutely take it. Especially looking at its price the D2X offers a heck of a lot and therefore it's not a surprise seeing the D2X regularly in the field. It's a special professional reflex!
Nikon D50 Price Nikon D2Xs Price
Nikon D50 Review Nikon D2Xs Preview
Nikon D50
Nikon D2Xs
Nikon D50 Review Nikon D2Xs Preview
All in all the Nikon D50 is an excellent digital SLR camera. Ideal for those who have outgrown their compact camera or for those who want to take their first steps into digital photography. The Nikon D50 may be a so-called entry level model; nevertheless it offers the user almost everything. Nikon offers a model of the lowest priced segment; this will make us meet more Nikons in the street. The Nikon D70 already did very well, and the Nikon D50 will do equally well or even better! The Nikon D2x already proved itself as a professional tool for the Pro and was awarded with diverse Award recognizing the importance of the top model of Nikon's assortment of digital SLR cameras. Swift start-up times, high precision AF system and innovative Lighting system combined with high resolution 12.4 Megapixel images and a professional body are only some of the key features of the new Nikon D2xs dSLR camera. Improving important elements of an already high level professional tool is the message of Nikon's introduction of the Nikon D2xs camera.
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