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Nikon D200 D-SLR Digital Camera Preview
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Tuesday 1st November 2005
Written by Dennis Hissink
Among all camera product announcements occasionally there is a product that you definitely cannot wait to get your hands on. Today we are pleased to give you an exclusive preview of a very interesting new Nikon D-SLR, the Nikon D200. According to Nikon :"The Nikon D200 bridges the gap", and after having handled the new D200 D-SLR myself I can only confirm that statement. At this moment no other solution equals what the Nikon D200 is offering you when you look at quality, specifications and price for that matter. With the introduction of the D200 Nikon creates a new class of digital SLR camera between entry-level (D50 and D70s) and professional D-SLR cameras (D2Hs and D2x). As for me, I am a D100 user, using it on a daily basis mainly for product shots like I did with the D200 product shots that you will find in this Nikon D200 preview. Of course I was also eager to upgrade my D100, but I was missing a D-SLR like the D200. Until now...
Nikon D200 bridging the gap between amateur and pro
Nikon D200 Advanced operation
Nikon D200 Professional look and feel
Nikon D200 D-SLR Professional look and feel Nikon D200 D-SLR Advanced operation
Nikon D200 D-SLR Professional look and feel Nikon D200 D-SLR Advanced operation
The first time you hold a new camera in your hands it feels good or bad. The Nikon D200 feels perfect! The D200 D-SLR combines the solid look and feel and the advanced operation you may expect from a professional digital SLR camera. The buttons from the Nikon D2x, 2.5-inch format LCD display with 230,000 pixels, 10.2 effective Megapixels, high-speed continuous shooting of up to 37 pictures in JPEG and 22 in RAW format, a large bright viewfinder with 95% frame coverage, filled with Nikon D2x features, packed in a lightweight, solid magnesium alloy body are just features that give the Nikon D200 a high quality status. But what about the price? We all know that Canon is the major competitor in the industry, and their latest introduction of a full frame D-SLR surprised most of us. Only their price tag is way out of reach for the majority of us. According to my information, although at this moment not confirmed, and depending on the region, the price of the new Nikon D200 will be way below EUR 2,000. Probably around EUR 1,700 (ex VAT)! A shocking price and very, very competitive!
Operating the Nikon D200 is like having a smaller version of the Nikon D2X in your hands. The total operation of the D200 is inherited from the already famous Nikon D2x D-SLR. It is not only the look and feel of the body that makes you think "I am a PRO..", entering the D200's menu is giving you access to more than 40 custom settings. It took me quite some time to go through each setting, one after another. Compared to the Nikon D100 it is not just a simple follow-up, it is a complete evolutionary new generation that is presented by the Nikon D200. The large 2.5-inch LCD display offers a high resolution and is giving a perfect view on the images you have shot. The new display provides an ultra-wide 170° viewing angle from all directions. I had to try that out in the sun and yes also in sunny weather this LCD is rich in detail. Captured images can be blown up to 400%. This is handy and perfect for making sure that the captured moment is indeed the moment you wanted to hold onto forever. The magnifying function is perfect for checking the fine details.
Monitor cover Charging the battery Battery EN-EL3e
Nikon D200 SLR Battery EN-EL3e
Nikon D200 SLR Monitor cover Nikon D200 SLR Charging the battery Nikon D200 SLR Battery EN-EL3e
To keep that large 2.5-inch monitor clean and protected, a Nikon BM-6 LCD monitor cover is provided with the D200. It is easy to attach the cover, just insert the top of the cover right above the LCD display and click it into place. Removing it is done by pulling firmly at the bottom of the monitor cover. In the field I wouldn't use it, but then again in the first period you like to avoid dust, scratches or whatever on your new display!
In the box you will find the Nikon MH-18a quick charger which of course is used to charge the Nikon EN-EL3e Lithium-ion battery. This is a new type of battery, more intelligent; providing the camera detailed information about the amount of cycles it was charged and its condition. Just place the battery in the charger, notice that the Charge lamp blinks as the battery charges and wait for about two hours and 15 minutes for a full charge. The Charge lamp stops blinking after the charging process is finalized.
The D200 D-SLR uses a newly developed high-energy Lithium-ion battery. The battery should give enough power to shoot around 1,800 images; enough to save a rainy day! The EN-EL3e battery shares its information with the camera. The status of the battery can be checked via the menu; it shows the state in 6 levels together with battery life and the number of pictures taken since the battery was last charged. The newly developed optional Nikon MB-D200 battery pack extends the shooting capacity using 2 EN-EL3e batteries or six AA format batteries.
Dennis Hissink
Diopter Top LCD panel
Nikon D200 SLR Top LCD panel
Editor's comment:
"Well what can I say.? I am enthusiastic... maybe this is not the right word,; I am excited is putting it more clearly and it expresses better the way I feel. Excited because I believe the Nikon D200 is just the right product for all Nikon fans waiting out there. Ok you could argue about the fact that it took Nikon this long to anticipate to the fast changing market, but hey.. it's here now! I am sure that Nikon D100 users, myself included will react positively to this introduction and will upgrade to this new platform where Pro meets Entry-level... bridging the gap! I also see the D200 function as a 2nd body for Professionals using the advantages of the DX standard. The D200 has it all, I believe we are looking at an all-round D-SLR tagged with a very interesting price.."
Nikon D200 SLR Diopter Nikon D200 SLR Top LCD panel
Since the Nikon D200 is a D-SLR type of camera you need the optical viewfinder for framing photos. In order to get a clear view make sure that the display in the viewfinder is similar to your own eye's focus capability. If needed rotate the diopter adjustment control, next to the viewfinder, until the focus brackets are displayed in sharp focus when you focus via the shutter-release button. The old diopter controller of the Nikon D100 changed too smoothly, getting an out-of-focus view. The new diopter control is not easily adjusted by accident.
The Nikon D200 offers the largest top LCD panel in the industry. It contains a lot of data such as shooting mode, battery condition, card information, gridline display, shutter speed, F stop, shots remaining, and many more. Holding the power switch into the side position, it activates the control panel backlight, allowing to read the display in the dark. It will remain activated until the shutter is released or while the D200's exposure meters are active.
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