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Kodak EasyShare Picture Viewer Review
Kodak Photo Viewer
Kodak introduced its EasyShare Picture viewer in May 2005. We had the Kodak EasyShare Viewer in our possession for a short period. This very compact and extremely light weighted device enables viewing your pictures everywhere and anytime you like with your family, friends or colleagues. Its credit card size, although somewhat larger and equipped with a huge 2.5 inch LCD monitor, makes it an interesting device to have a closer look at. The viewer is featuring a memory slot on the top, next to the on/off button. This slot is not covered, nor on the outside or on the inside. The bottom of the viewer contains a USB connection with an interface positioned next to it for enabling placing the viewer on a Kodak EasyShare Printer Dock series 3.
Kodak EasyShare Picture Viewer review
Kodak EasyShare Picture Viewer review
Kodak EasyShare and EasyPrint
Kodak Picture Viewer
Kodak EasyShare and EasyPrint Kodak Picture Viewer
The simple way of connecting makes this small device very user-friendly. If you already own a Kodak Printer Dock you can print a picture directly from the viewer, within a stunning 90 seconds! The operation is as simple as it sounds: just pressing the button once will do the job! It is clear that Kodak emphasises its worldwide famous slogan with the red Share button: "You push the button, we do the rest!" And indeed it works: push the Share button and a small, well-organized menu appears that gives you the possibility to select printing one or more images, to get them ready to e-mail, to print them all or to cancel the print order. Besides that it also enables you to select how many prints of each image you need. For those who are not in possession of a Kodak EasyShare Printer Dock: you can also connect the viewer directly to a printer using a USB cable. This printer however should support the Imagelink Print System or PictBridge. The latter one, being a standard, is supported by almost every printer from the past few years.
More than 150 images (low resolution) can be stored on the 32MB internal memory and besides that a nearly unlimited amount of images will find their way onto an external memory card that can be inserted in the memory slot. The Secure Digital memory card is available nowadays with a storage capacity of 2GB which undoubtedly will soon be enlarged to 4 GB. When placing the viewer in the dock, the battery starts recharging immediately. If you don't own a Kodak EasyShare docking station, you can charge the battery by connecting it to a PC by means of a delivered USB cable (USB 2.0). A fully charged battery will last for about 3 hours. By the way, you can't remove or replace the battery yourself; this has to be done by professionals at one of the Kodak service centres.
Kodak Easy View
Kodak EasyShare Remaining functions
Kodak Easy View Kodak EasyShare Remaining functions
The large sized 2.5 inch LCD monitor offers high quality reproduction of the images. The LCD monitor's resolution contains 201,000 pixels. The image rendition is rich in contrast. A high resolution image (JPEG) will be shown after approximately 3 seconds. We stored 14x 4MB images on a standard SanDisk Secure digital memory card which took about 8 seconds. When using one of the fastest Secure Digital cards, the SanDisk Extreme III 1GB SD card, it takes even 1 second less, a total of 7 seconds. Pressing the Menu button, direct access is given to a number of functions like: Slide show, Magnify and Multi-up. The Slide show enables you to show your images as a slide show performance. It offers selectable interval times, meaning: the menu lets you select between 3 and 60 seconds of interval when showing the images. High resolution images (7 Megapixel - size 4MB) don't want to be rendered within 3 seconds. It takes approximately 6 seconds (entire image built-up) when using a standard SD card and 5 seconds when using a SanDisk Extreme III Secure Digital card.
It is also possible to have the rendition run continuously. The Magnify command enables a close-up view of your picture by its 2x digital zoom and the 4-way controller lets you move the image from left to right and up and down. The Multi-up function shows 9 pictures at the same time at which the 5-way controller serves for selecting a picture for possible printing through the Share button, for e-mailing etc. Besides that it is also possible to view the images on a large screen (NTSC/PAL) through the docking station.
Kodak's Box Content
EasyShare Picture Viewer Conclusion
Kodak's Box Content EasyShare Picture Viewer Conclusion
The Kodak EasyShare Picture viewer is standard delivered with Kodak EasyShare Software CD, a protective carrying case, a USB cable, an adapter for an optional Kodak EasyShare docking station and the so-called 'Getting Started kit'. The Kodak EasyShare Picture viewer is a nice accessory that enables you to carry your favourite and precious images with you and to share them with others in a sophisticated way. Undoubtedly we will hear more of this concept and we expect an increase of devices like this. It is rather obvious because who doesn't carry a picture of his or her beloved one(s) on him/her?
The small compact device did please us when we used it in practise. The menu is well-organized and the functions are easy to reach. The amount of buttons is limited to two small ones and one multi-functional controller. The Kodak Viewer is part of the Kodak EasyShare Image System but can also be used as a stand-alone device. Anyhow, it's a nice gadget to deal with digital images in a different way. User-friendly, handy size to carry with you, light as a feather... these features will appeal to everybody. A more attractive price than the Euro 149,- price tag it carries now, would complete it! The Kodak EasyShare Picture viewer is already available.
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