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Kodak EasyShare P880 Digital Camera Preview
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Wednesday 2nd November 2005
Written by Dennis Hissink
At the beginning of August 2005 Kodak launched a new EasyShare digital camera concept, the P-series. The new Kodak EasyShare P880 is one of the first two P-series of digitale cameras that is combining high performance and easy-to-use handling. Well, at least the specifications are interesting enough to spend some time on a preview of this new model. The Kodak P880 offers 8 Megapixel resolution, RAW support (first time for an EasyShare camera), an interesting optical zoom lens providing 24-140mm (35mm equiv.), f/2.8-4.1 focal length, and a manual zoom ring. The P880 is supposed to be Kodak's answer to an entry-level D-SLR camera, an alternative to pricey and less compact D-SLRs. In the US Kodak is gaining a bigger market share by the day, and is seems that Kodak made the conversion from analogue to digital just in time. The Kodak EasyShare P880 is the most recent digital camera that Kodak has announced. We have received a pre-production model and we will give you a more extensive look of what the EasyShare P-880 digital camera is about. Its high resolution is more than enough to play with, the nice wide-angle offers you all the creativity you want with landscape and inside-small-rooms shots.
Kodak EasyShare P880 hybrid D-SLR with sun hood
Kodak EasyShare P880 hybrid D-SLR with sun hood
Kodak EasyShare P880 Storage media
Kodak EasyShare P880 LCD monitor
Kodak EasyShare P880 Storage media Kodak EasyShare P880 LCD monitor
Kodak EasyShare P-880 Storage media Kodak EasyShare P-880 LCD monitor
Just like almost every other brand that is available today; Kodak too has focused totally on the Secure Digital (SD)card. This tiny light-weighted flash card is available in various types at which storage capacity and speed make the difference. For instance think of standard SD cards with a regular read and write speed, middle class cards and high-speed cards like the SanDisk Extreme III with minimum write and read speeds of 20MB/sec. For the Kodak P880 I have chosen a new kind of SD card, the SanDisk Ultra II SD Plus. The SanDisk Plus card has a unique feature as you can see from the product shot. It kind of breaks in two, after which a USB interface is freed. The SD Plus card can be inserted in a free USB port directly from the camera without the need for cable or card reader. The EasyShare P880 camera has 32MB of internal memory, but you definitely need some extra MB's to store your high resolution images on. I recommend at least 512MB to make sure that you are able to shoot your holiday, etc. The SD compartment is placed at the side of the camera. Push the lid and it will jump open. Insert the card and close the door.
I am glad to see that Kodak designed the camera with a big screen, 2.5-inch. Not so long ago we were all used to 1.5 inch displays and the optical viewfinder played a far more important role than today. Since the format upgrading most of the consumers did find out that the LCD display is not that bad after all. Look around you at events or watch big (sport) events on television, I bet you don't see photographing people staring through the viewfinder of their camera anymore, but you'll see them standing up straight, arms stretched forward, eyes focused on the small LCD screen. Talking about evolution! Kodak has experienced with a diverse range of LCD displays. OLED was very promising and the new Kodak EasyShare P880 has a standard color hybrid LCD display with a resolution of 115,000 pixels (480x240). The menu is easier to navigate and the captured images are easier viewed on the large LCD monitor. A higher resolution would have been nice, but 115K is sufficient. The viewing angle of the LCD is quite good from left to right, from above it pales when looking from about 30°, it turns dark when looking down up from an angle of around 30°.
Charging the battery Diopter Optical zoom
Kodak P880 Optical zoom
Kodak P880 Charging the battery Kodak P880 Diopter Kodak P880 Optical zoom
The Kodak EasyShare P-880 comes with a rapid charger and a Lithium-ion battery. The P880 camera supports the Kodak KLIC-5001 rechargeable Li-Ion Battery of 1700mAh and also the KLIC-5000, but this is a lower power battery. Expect approximately 30% fewer pictures per full charge than offered by the KLIC-5001 battery, included with the Kodak EasyShare digital camera. You can also charge the battery using a Kodak EasyShare printer dock or camera dock. The battery charges up to 300 times and takes up 3 hours for each charge in the Kodak EasyShare Li-Ion Rapid Charger.
The electronic viewfinder of the Kodak P880 digital camera is equipped with diopter adjustment to accommodate individual differences in vision. To adjust electronic viewfinder focus turn the diopter adjustment up or down until the viewfinder display or the image in the display is in sharp focus. The top of the viewfinder consists of rubber which feels comfortable for your eye and protects your glasses. Although the viewfinder has 237K pixels and gives a sharp and comfortable view I believe that the 2.5-inch display will be the favorite feature of the two.
The camera's optical zoom has a very interesting focal length, 24-140mm (35mm equiv.). There are few digital cameras that offer 24mm wide-angle zoom, the Kodak Easy-Share P880 is one of them. Using the optical zoom you can get up to 5.8X closer to your subject. Even during video recording you can change the optical zoom. For framing the subject you either use the electronic viewfinder or the LCD monitor. Very handy is the way the P880 zooms, rotate the manual zoom ring to zoom in or out.
Dennis Hissink
AF-assist light Digital zoom
Kodak P880
Editor's comment:
"The Kodak EasyShare P880 is an interesting digital camera. It is a new concept from Kodak. Packed with all kinds of photographic settings, but priority is given to ease-of-use. Handling the new Kodak P880 is easy. Though I cannot imagine that the P880 is an interesting digital camera for anyone who labels him or herself as semi-pro or pro, it still offers quite a number of the settings you are used to having when working with an advanced camera like a DSLR. The Kodak EasyShare P880 will be of interest to a large group of consumers, especially those who are searching for something that is somewhat more than an entry-level (EasyShare) digital camera, but on condition that you don't have to possess enhanced photographic knowledge. Not the ultimate compact design, but great grip, solid built and a concept with potency..."
Kodak P-880 AF-assist light Kodak P-880 Digital zoom
Between the handgrip and the optical lens you will find the AF-assist light. This feature comes in very useful in a dimly lit situation. It helps you obtain sharper pictures. When the shutter-release button is pressed halfway in low-light, the AF-assist light may emit a brief beam of light that will come in handy to illuminate the subject. Normally if you activate the Kodak EasyShare P880 the AF-assist light function is set to On. It is possible to change this status in the menu of the camera to Off. I would suggest forgetting this;, the AF-assist is definitely needed in dimly lit situations.
I can imagine you needing some more tele with a maximum optical zoom of 140mm (35mm equiv.). On top of the camera you will find a digital zoom button. A function which allows you to zoom in digitally in any still mode to get more zoom. You will get an additional 1.4x or 2x magnification; combined with the optical zoom the Kodak Easy-Share P-880 offers 5.8x to 12x zoom. Of course digital zoom decreases the quality of the image, but in some cases it is worth a try!
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