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Canon EOS 1000D
Text & photography Dennis Hissink
Published : Thursday, June 19th 2008
Conclusion EOS 1000D
[USA model name : Canon EOS Rebel XS]
The Canon EOS 1000D DSLR is extremely compact in size and moreover, a real lightweight. In the Netherlands, the EOS 1000D can be purchases as separate body or as a kit version including the EF-S 18-55 mm IS lens. This lens offers a 4-stop stabilization to correct jitter when taking handheld pictures. The light weight and the small size of the camera make it somewhat unstable in your hand, which increases the chance of movement and blur caused by jitter. The built-in stabilization of the kit lens eliminates this chance almost completely, Canon have made a good choice here. The handgrip is compact and when your hands are slightly bigger, the grip feels somewhat small. However, there is no need to complain; the Canon EOS 1000D is sufficiently stable in your hand. It is quite a challenge to give the correct ergonomics to a camera this small. The result however is worth it; a very manageable camera which is easy to carry with you on many occasions. You won't feel the Canon EOS 1000D digital SLR as a burden.
Canon EOS 1000D preview Canon EOS Digital
Canon EOS Integrated Cleaning System Canon DIGIC III processor
Naturally, the Canon 1000D is also equipped with the built-in Canon system to prevent dust from coming in. The system, called EOS Integrated Cleaning System protects the camera from the influence of dust in three ways. Firstly, it reduces dust to gather in the EOS 1000D itself. Every time when you activate the camera, the eventual dust will be shaken off the sensor and those particles that dare to stay behind will be mapped to be able to remove them afterwards from the picture with the included Digital Photo Professional software. It works wonders and is a valuable feature to ensure carefree photographing. Whilst the EOS 400D was still equipped with a DIGIC II processor, the new Canon EOS 1000D features the acclaimed DIGIC III processor. This processor is also used in professional EOS models and ensures fast image processing, precise colour reproduction, swift start-up times and low energy consumption. The DIGIC image processor has been developed by Canon and uses the original Canon algorithms. In fact, it is the engine of the camera with emphasis on speed and minimizing any processor load, ensuring complicated calculations for obtaining an optimum image quality can be carried out.
1000 D
Canon 1000D Digital SLR Camera
Canon 1000 D

The handgrip of the Canon EOS 1000D camera contains the compartment for the battery. The lid closes well over the compartment, ensuring the LP-E5 battery is kept well inside its compartment. The capacity of the Canon LP-E5 Lithium Ion battery is 1080mAh and is exactly the same battery Canon use for their EOS 450D. A battery charger is included with the Canon 1000D. It takes approximately 1.5 hours to fully charge an empty battery. The amount of images is the same as for the EOS 450D, namely approximately 400 to 5000 pictures depending on the temperature. These calculations have been standardized by CIPA standards.
Dennis Hissink Editor's Comment
Photographer : Dennis Hissink
1000D Canon

Compared to a few years ago, you really get a whole lot of camera for your money's worth. The specifications are high and although some details such as spot metering are no longer available on the new Canon EOS 1000D, it is a full digital DSLR camera. It will offer the beginning photographer, perhaps making the step from a compact camera to a DSLR, a tool to fully express his creativity. The upcoming period with the IFA on its way (end of August in Berlin, Germany) and most of all, the Photokina show (Cologne, Germany) will be very interesting. And when we look back in history, I think we can expect a few surprises to come from Canon. Digital photography moves ahead, the masses are picking up DSLR photography and photo classes are booming; we are very happy! As soon as a full production EOS 1000D camera comes available, we will publish a full Canon EOS 1000D review!
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