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Canon EOS 1000D Hands-on review
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Canon EOS 1000D
Text & photography Dennis Hissink
Published : Thursday, June 19th 2008
Introduction EOS 1000D
[USA model name : Canon EOS Rebel XS]
Not entirely unexpectedly, Canon announced a new digital SLR; the Canon EOS 1000D. In addition to the fact that this is a new DSLR, Canon introduce a new segment at the same time; that of the absolute entry level camera class. This means we have finally reached the thousand so we will find a sequence row from 1000 to singular figures. Introducing this new segment, Canon create space for their assortment, which was considered somewhat tight over the last few years. I am speaking for myself here. The new Canon EOS 1000D will soon be available, but for now has only a pre-production status. Therefore, it is not possible to publish pictures taken with the camera, despite the fact they already circulate in several European countries, accompanied by the simple yet clear statement that the image quality cannot be judged since it is only a pre-production camera. The following review will offer you an extensive first impression of Canon's new digital entry level DSLR, the Canon EOS 1000D.
Canon EOS Digital SLR camera Canon EOS 1000D / Canon Rebel XS
Canon EOS Body Entry Level DSLR camera market
At first sight, the Canon EOS 1000D looks exactly like the EOS 400D. The latter will disappear from the assortment as of now. A logical decision, considering the 400D and 450D are very closely related. With the introduction of the Canon 1000D, Canon create room and offer the consumer a full digital SLR with an appealing price tag. And it is the price that gives this SLR the right to exist. Don't expect any innovations or spectacular improvements, as these are more likely to happen at the Photokina show. Looking at the EOS 1000D, you could come to the conclusion that it is a stripped down version of the EOS 450D, because as a camera the Canon EOS 1000D leans closely towards its 'predecessor' the EOS 400D and the actual model; the EOS 450D. A few years ago, Canon created a furore by introducing the EOS 300D; a DSLR with a breakthrough on its price, quickly catapulting Canon to leader of the SLR field. The competition stood on the side-line, taken aback by this spectacular introduction and unable to come up with the answer. Manufacturers, however, did not give in and dug in their heels to create various entry-level models DSLR cameras with specifications to admire. Then it was Canon's turn again and with the introduction of the Canon 1000D, although less spectacular, Canon seems to get a firmer grip on the entry level DSLR market once again.
EOS 1000D
2,5" LCD screen
As I mentioned earlier in this preview, the Canon EOS 1000D is the EOS 450D camera's twin brother. There are only small details of the housings that give away which one is which. The main difference on the outside is the LCD screen on the back of the camera; 2.5 inch on the EOS 1000D and 3 inch on the EOS 450D. This might be crucial as to how the consumer decides. Personally, I find a larger LCD monitor a true enrichment during and also after shooting. The resolution remained the same, 230,000 pixels in spite of the smaller size monitor. Our first impression of the monitor is a beautifully clear reproduction and perfect to check the captured pictures at their true quality.
Canon 1000D preview SDHC flash memory support
Canon EOS Digital Canon 1000D Memory
Lightest digital DSLR camera ever 32GB of flash storage capacity
The Canon EOS 1000D features an image sensor that is said to be similar to that of the EOS 400D and also offers 10.1 Megapixels of resolution. The main differences with the 400D are Live View, DIGIC III, a 7-point AF instead of a 9-point AF, auto ISO setting, unlimited JPEG buffer but a lesser amount of RAW pictures, LP-E5 battery instead of the NB-2LH and on top of that a decreased weight of 502 grams which makes the Canon EOS 1000D Canon's lightest digital SLR camera ever. The Canon 1000D is expected to become available worldwide in July of this year. As soon as we receive a full test sample we will publish a full Canon EOS 1000D review. Knowing that the Canon EOS 450D bid farewell to the CompactFlash memory card, it is hardly a surprise to see that the Canon EOS 1000D is also supporting the small memory card. CompactFlash seems to be dedicated solely to the professional EOS cameras, although most of them feature a dual card slot for supporting the SD format as well as the CF format. Thanks to the support of the SD format, the Canon EOS 1000D has 32GB of storage capacity at its disposal that is if the current maximum storage capacity of SDHC is actually supported, which I presume it is. Secure Digital and Secure Digital High Capacity (SDHC) have clearly become a world standard.
Dennis Hissink Editor's Comment
Photographer : Dennis Hissink

The digital SLR camera market is fully in the spotlight and with it, digital photography. Personally I consider this interest absolutely positive and it returns the value to photography, which it truly deserves. Although the current compact cameras quite often obtain good results, nothing beats a real reflex camera for the photographer. And with the current pricing developments, the DSLR cameras get closer to the consumer that is still faithful to his compact camera but would like to make the step digital SLR photography. The many photography classes offered nowadays make it clear that the DSLR is in the spotlight. Nearly every renowned photo camera brand is offering training, giving the consumer the opportunity to learn more about the possibilities of their purchased camera and of digital SLR photography. It is an extremely promising photo season...
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