Manfrotto Tripod & Monopod Factory Gallery
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Manfrotto Tripod & Monopod Factory Gallery
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Written by Nic Rossmüller - Friday 27th July 2007
World press Tubes for tripods Flaring machine
The world press gathers. Different kinds of tubes, used for the production of tripods. A machine for flaring the ends of the tripods’ tubes.
Manfrotto Factory Monopod testing Manfrotto tripod drawing
In the factory itself, everything is about working accurately; it is very clean Testing the fastening’s tension in a Manfrotto monopod. Drawing of a Manfrotto tripod, before the tripod is being developed.
Tripod component Tripod Mould Manfrotto tripods
A component, the way it comes out of the mould, so it can be tested. Mould for casting components so they can be tested for the actual production process. Manfrotto tripods, set aside on a layer of foam rubber to prevent damage.
Manfrotto tripod Tripod heads Video camera stabilization wheel
At Manfrotto, everyone that is looking for a tripod can find one. Manfrotto offers different tripod heads, so the tripod can become more versalite. Manfrotto Fig Rig video camera stabilization wheel.
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