Gitzo Tripod & Monopod Factory Gallery
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Gitzo Tripod & Monopod Factory Gallery
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Written by Nic Rossmüller - Tuesday 7th August 2007
Gitzo factory Computer drawing Electronic microscope
In Feltre, you will find the factories of Manfrotto, Gitzo and Avenger. The amount of stress upon pressure can be measured by means of a computer drawing. Any eventual defects can be detected by means of an electronic microscope.
Saltwater bath Tripod component Raw tubes
The tripods are placed in a saltwater bath, to test for corrosion from salt. A component, the way it comes out of the mould, so it can be tested. Raw tubes for the production of tripods.
Tube cleaning Production process Gitzo tripods
Since shortly, the tubes are partially being cleaned with a machine. Some parts of the production process are being done with gloves. Just like with Manfrotto tripods, the Gitzo tripods are set aside carefully.
Gitzo tripod Large Gitzo tripods Tripod storage
A good tripod makes half the photo; Gitzo offers a wide choice of monopods. The Gitzo tripods are available from small to large, for semi- & pro photographers. The products are stored in a clearly recognizable box.
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