Apple Aperture Review File formats
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Apple Aperture Review
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Written by Bas de Meijer - Page 9/13
Apple Aperture Review
Apple Aperture - File formats
The original file is unaffected when the picture is corrected. The changes are saved in a separate file. With Aperture you can also work with TIFF or JPEG files, which are also unchanged. The changes are visible as a new version, so that you can see changes quickly, without having to undo them. At the end, you can decide which version to export. With Aperture it doesn't matter if you are working with RAW, JPEG or TIFF as everything is done in the same way. This immediately removes one of RAW's disadvantages. Aperture's non-destructive character is perfectly demonstrated by the Spot and Patch tool. Each patch is saved as a step and afterwards you can decide to remove a step, without losing the other steps. I wasn't terribly impressed by the results of the Spot and Patch tool. You can clearly see what has been cloned on the exported photo.
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