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Apple Aperture Review
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Written by Bas de Meijer - Page 8/13
Apple Aperture Review
Apple Aperture - Image Library
Importing and finding photos with Aperture is done in a way that is logical for a photographer. You handle RAW files the same way you used to treat slides. Working on the basis of projects is a very logical way to do things for a professional photographer. You often work on assignments for a client; that is then the project. You are still free to make albums within the project and this makes the system more workable. Being able to decide where the photos go yourself whether it's the Aperture library on the hard disk of your computer, an external hard disk, DVD or wherever is an enormous improvement. If you work with a laptop like the MacBook Pro, your hard disk won't get full so quickly. You will still have everything you need to make a selection, or show your client a slideshow. Back home, you can link the disks back to the laptop and you can then process the files. Being able to make back-ups easily is also pretty important. You can make a back up from the library at one touch of a button. Aperture always indicates if a back up is necessary or not and you are usually better safe than sorry. I'm very enthusiastic about the stacks and the revised loupe. You can choose the right photo from a series very quickly.
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