Apple Aperture Review Using the Loupe
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Apple Aperture Review
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Written by Bas de Meijer - Page 7/13
Apple Aperture Review
Apple Aperture - Using the Loupe
In the most cases, you will choose perfectly sharp photos. Instead of always having to open a picture and zoom in 100%, Aperture has a much handier method: the loupe. It is very similar to the loupe we are already familiar with, except that Aperture's loupe is much more extensive. The loupe works both on the pre show and smaller previews. In this way you can check all the pictures in a stack for sharpness and pick out the best one. With the loupe, you can even zoom in up to 1600% so that you can look at pixel level. You can set the loupe at a point and see changes at 100%. This is very handy. In the loupe, the RAW file is decoded on the fly so that you can see exactly what is happening, without having to work with an enormous file. This speeds things up considerably.
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