Apple Aperture Review Meta Data Presets
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Apple Aperture Review
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Software version 1.5
Written by Bas de Meijer - Page 4/13
Apple Aperture Review
Apple Aperture - Meta Data Presets
Most photographers will give their photos another name, with initials and dates, for example. This way, every photo has a unique name. In Aperture there is a lot of choice for numbering your photos. The only annoying thing is if you work with the counter, you can't set it automatically at 1. However, I guess you can live with that. The possibility to add necessary IPTC data to the photo is very useful. This allows you to find photos very quickly and to set standard details like copyright in the photo. The Meta data is not in the photo itself, but on a XMP sidecar file. The RAW file remains unaffected at all times. When exporting the RAW file, the Meta data is put on the file, in a JPEG for example. New to Aperture 1.5 is that you can also make Meta data presets, so that you quickly have the correct information with the files.
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