Software Review - Apple Aperture 1.5
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Apple Aperture Review
Software Review
Software version 1.5
Written by Bas de Meijer - Page 2/13
Aperture Software Review
Starting Apple Aperture Software
When Aperture 1.5 starts up, a welcome screen asks what must be done. Two options stand out: the Quick Tours and the possibility to import your iPhoto. iPhoto comes with every Mac and most Mac-ers use it intensively. For the test, it was actually too simple. Now it is much easier to step over to the much more advanced Aperture. You can also import existing folders or empty your card and of course, you can just work directly with Aperture 1.5. You can start up Aperture automatically via favourite settings if you connect a camera or memory card to your Apple. I don't make much use of that option - if I want to use Aperture, I'll start it up myself.
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