Apple Aperture Review RAW Fine Tuning Engine
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Apple Aperture Review
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Apple Aperture Review
Apple Aperture - RAW Fine Tuning Engine
If you rework a photo, you will want to see it as big as possible, preferably full screen. With the floating heads-up displays (HUD) you can rework photos on a full screen, without your visibility being limited, or at least a lot less than with traditional windows. The HUDs are transparent. You can also work with fixed windows, if you would rather. In full screen mode, you also see a film strip underneath, so that you can quickly select another picture. It is handiest to work with two screens, so that you have the previews on one screen and the photo you are reworking on the other. Aperture 1.5 uses a new RAW Fine Tuning Engine, version 1.1. If you are used to the old Aperture, or still have a lot of pictures from the old Aperture, it can also work with version 1.0. The new RAW Fine Tuning gives you more possibilities. With the new RAW Fine Tuning controls you can correct the contrast, focus, chromatic blur and noise perfectly. By simply turning the tick on and off, you can turn the correction on or off. Focussing requires separate attention. It works better than normal focussing that we saw in Aperture 1.1. In Aperture 1.5 you can also sharpen the edges, which gives you a much more subtle focus. Above all you will not sharpen the noise..
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