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The Nikon D2H is a digital SLR camera developed for the professional. The D2H is equipped with new revolutionary technologies and a lot of photographic functions. High speed image capturing with increased photographic response, speed and accuracy combined with an optional unique, wireless communication pack (WT-1) are the ingredients of the new Nikon SLR camera. With this new tool the Pro is now capable of working in a complete new and more efficient way. Besides the new body and the new wireless transmitter Nikon is also introducing a new Nikon Speedlight flashgun, the SB-800. This new Speedlight Flash unit completes the new Nikon D2H set.

The complex digital and photographic technology is contained in a body of magnesium for strength and rigidity with a weight that is lighter than both the D1H it replaces, and the Nikon F5, without sacrificing rigidity or compromising environmental resistance. With the experiences of the professional in one hand and the need for improvement in the other hand Nikon developed the Nikon D2H with improved ergonomics in its mind. The D2H boasts Command and Sub Command dials for both horizontal and vertical shooting, larger AF-On buttons and a new 8-way multi-selector pad with centre multi-function button, bringing major improvements to the ergonomics of using Auto focus during shooting as well as instant image playback even while writing to the CompactFlash card.