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First Look and introduction of the new Nikon D2H
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The last couple of weeks a lot of rumours were buzzing about a possible introduction of a new professional digital reflex camera from Nikon. Today is the day that we report about the introduction of the new professional Nikon digital reflex camera. Our first acquaintance to the new D2H took place some weeks ago and till this day we still hear the impressive sound of a shutter working at great speed filling the internal buffer of the D2H! Those of you who have always wished to decrease the storage capacity of their flash card within just a blink of your eye will definitely have to look out for this new Nikon D2H!
The battle for the highest resolution is not that battle that is the most important one. As the professional in the field (journalism, action photographer) already had experienced during his daily work a resolution of 4 Megapixels is sufficient enough to get the job done. Things like speed, sequence and speed of focus are details that had to be improved and were on top of the wishing list of the Pro. Nikon has listened carefully to these stories from the field and has developed a complete new digital SLR camera to fulfil all the wishes that the professional photographer has to wish for. The new Nikon D2H is Nikon's answer to all the needs of the professional photographers in the world.