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Dual DIWA Awards to Nikon: Gold Award to D70 and Silver to COOLPIX 8700
DIWA (Digital Imaging Websites Association), a world-wide organisation of collaborating digital imaging websites, today announced that two Nikon digital cameras have been awarded for outstanding test results. On all accounts, the Nikon D70 satisfied the DIWA testing experts, who honoured its overall performance with a DIWA Gold medal in the category of digital system cameras. Also another high-quality Nikon digital camera, the compact megazoom model COOLPIX 8700, has passed the rigorous DIWA tests with excellent results, qualifying for a DIWA Silver medal. The Nikon D70 took the D-SLR market to new heights by introducing exceptional features and qualities at a very reasonable price. Although the camera is targeted for advanced amateurs, also numerous professional photographers have found the D70 to deliver exceptionally good value for money. The DIWA testing team confirms this impression. Numerous individual reviews conclude that the Nikon D70 qualities are indisputable, regardless of the price issue.
Left: Robert Cristina [Marketing Executive Professional Film & Digital Imaging Department] - Right: Hans Gaarlandt [Marketing Executive Prosumer Film & Digital Imaging Department].
The Nikon COOLPIX range of high-performance digital compact cameras is topped by the 8 Megapixel COOLPIX 8700. Several reviews, based on the comprehensive DIWA testing procedure, confirmed that the camera performs better than many of its rivals, with scores well within the DIWA range for a Silver medal. One DIWA test expert summarises his impressions like this: "My expectations for the Nikon D70 were fully met during my review and I was pleased to see that my DIWA colleagues reached the same conclusion. If any camera is worthy of the DIWA Gold Award, it must be the Nikon D70. As for the COOLPIX 8700, the high profiled megazoom category has tough competition, making it extremely difficult to pass the needle's eye. The camera is among the very best in its class and I consider it to be a good choice for those regarding quality as more valuable than the price tag".
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Dual DIWA Awards to Nikon: Gold Award to D70 and Silver to COOLPIX 8700
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