LetsGoDigital - Photokina 2002 Live Showfloor Coverage
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FillFactory supplier of the full-frame sensor for the new Kodak DCS Pro14n
Fillfactory contacted us to give further information on the sensor that has been used for the new Kodak DCS Pro 14n, the 13.89 Megapixel SLR camera that is the hot topic of the Photokina 2002 show. FillFactory has begun shipments to Kodak Professional of a customised 13.85 M pixel CMOS image sensor for its new SLR camera, DCS Pro 14n, launched at the Photokina 2002 (Cologne, Germany) earlier this week. With an 8 um pixel size and total light sensitive area of 36 mm x 24 mm, this device currently offers the highest resolution for a true 35 mm format image sensor.
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This new high-resolution CMOS image sensor is the result of a joint research and development effort that started about 18 months ago. The development work successfully addressed the challenge of achieving the required electro-optical performance, as well as the demanding requirements related to die placement accuracy, packaging, cover glass quality and NIR cut-off filter characteristics. Special attention was also paid to the design of the on-chip colour filters.
Kodak SLR DCS PRO 14n and CCD
The integrated circuits for this image sensor are produced by Tower Semiconductor utilizing its 0.5 um CMOS technology. According to Danny Hacohen - vice president of Sales in Europe, Asia and Japan, will this product offer results directly from the close alignment between Tower and FillFactory to advance current capabilities in CMOS image sensor applications. Due to Tower's extensive experience with mega pixel image sensors, Tower Semiconductor is able to provide customers and designers with background information to boost customer successes in volume production. As far as the knowledge of Tower Semiconductor, no other foundry today offers this combination of capabilities and experience to CMOS image sensor designers and customers.
In support of this initiative, FillFactory installed a new cleanroom for device inspection, device testing and packing under class 100 conditions and will continue to expand its design, production and test facilities at its Mechelen base. Luc de Mey, Fillfactory's President and CEO, sais that with this order from Kodak Professional, FillFactory will continue to strengthen and expand its position in the high-end digital photography market segment. The customers of Fillfactory in other market segments will also benefit from the investments in infrastructure and quality that have been driven by the production of the Kodak device. This new device is an exclusive development for Kodak and will therefore not be offered as a standard FillFactory product. However, FillFactory can develop similar imaging devices for other interested third parties.