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Olympus C-7070 First Impression!
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Olympus Camedia C-7070 Wide Zoom - First Impression
Remains in focus: Even with moving subjects! Equipped with a 143-point dual autofocus system, photographers are assured crisp image capture at all times. Arranged in a 13x11 grid pattern, 75% of the frame's vertical and about 87.5% of its horizontal area is covered. Both a passive external sensor and a CCD-based TTL contrast detection system are used for gaining the most accurate readings and an AF illuminator is on hand for extra precision when shooting in darkness. Featured in an Olympus compact camera for the very first time, the AF target function facilitates sharp exposures of moving subjects due to its Predictive processes. It uses the external AF sensor to detect the distance of the moving subject and then calculates its predictive location at the moment of shutter release.
Supports any creative impulse: While the Olympus C-7070 comes with a full suite of automatic functions - including seven scene programmes that integrate interesting settings even for underwater shooting - full manual control options are what will convince ambitious photographers. Complete control over the exposure - for focus, white balance, ISO, aperture or shutter speed and more - is available.
Olympus C-7070
Olympus C-7070
Naturally, this camera is not limited to still photos. Videos with sound may be captured, with recording limited only by the size of the memory media. Results are viewable on the 4.5cm/1.8" multi-angle Sunshine LCD monitor which, fixed to a flexible hinge, can be tilted up and swivelled round by 270° to provide a clear view of the subject even from difficult perspectives.

Speed is the key: Not only does the Olympus C-7070 WIDE ZOOM boast a swift start-up and enjoy a very low shutter release time lag to ensure users capture that one-off moment, it is also equipped with TruePic TURBO. Image processing is therefore considerably accelerated to allow faster shot-to-shot performance while improving image definition and fidelity.
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