Wellton Way CeBIT 2004
Wellton Way at CeBIT 2004
During the CeBIT 2004 event Wellton Way launched a new aggressively priced multimedia system; Broadbandbox V3. It was demonstrated by the friendly Nicolas Persson, Marketing Manager of Wellton Way AB. The Broadbandbox is the world's only full convergent multimedia system designed for the living room that all family members can use without any prior computer knowledge, by operating a simple remote control. The demonstration that was given proofs the simplicity of the system.

The new price strategy is very aggressive; the price will be approximately 46% lower than the earlier version of the Broadbandbox multimedia system. Apart from being a key component in presenting all media broadcasted via the broadband Internet the Broadbandbox is also the ultimate media server at home. For example, the Broadbandbox system allows users to record TV programs straight onto the hard disk, avoiding bulky and expensive VHS tapes. It is even possible to store the content on either CD or DVD.

Downloaded music from the Internet or copied from CD's can also be stored. TV programs, films and music can then be viewed on a high-resolution plasma screen and with a surround speaker system to provide the ultimate multimedia experience.

This multimedia system is very attractive and it is very tempting to get one at home. Well, we are sure that these systems with the right ingredients will find their way into our home...

Nicolas Person gives a demo
The menu of the Broadbandbox
Keyboard included: complete multimedia set