Sony CeBIT 2004
Sony at CeBIT 2004
Sony always has as a very impressive booth. The Sony booth is not situated in Hall 1 amongst most of the digital camera brands but in Hall 2. The overcrowded booth is exhibiting the latest novelties on the field of consumer electronics. From the latest digital television until the smallest Audio player, the consumer was able to wallow himself in the latest technologies. The digital cameras introduced at the PMA of course were present and demonstrated together with the new printer. The Cyber-shot DSC-F828 is still attractive but also the compact DSC-P series cameras and the DSC-T1 keep their attraction. The new digital camcorders using the DVD as storage medium have become very compact and are therefore very interesting for the video enthusiast.

Beside all the digital camera forces, there was also room for technology and emotion. The famous dog AIBO was present and like he always does, he stole many hearts. During the Press day last week, QRIO was newly introduced, the first walking robot in the world. This ambassador from Sony shows in an impressive way that walking and moving are no longer a problem.
QRIO measures 58cm and can walk, jump and "run" with which two feet actually come off the earth! For the time being there are no concrete plans as to have QRIO available for sale, but we will undoubtedly hear more about this new technology.

Also eye catching and very attractive is the latest notebook from Sony, the VAIO x505 extreme. At the front the notebook only measures 9.7mm and with its weight of 825 grams and dimensions of 259x208mm the definition: a compact notebook is the understatement of the year! It is not known yet whether this new notebook will appear on the European market.
Press day: lots of journalists attended
Mr. Kunitake Ando speaks to the audience
Mr. Chris Deering, President of Sony Europe
QRIO being introduced to the audience
Standing all alone by himself
Sony's ambassador is very attractive
How about a pet with a nanny?
AIBO playing with its toys
The new Sony P-series camera in front
The top of this new P-model The ultra-compact DSC-U serie
Talking about an ultra-thin notebook!
Just "thick" enough for a PCMCI adapter
A beautifully designed power button
There was only one notebook available
Exclusively showed live - not behind glass
It's a beauty!
The new Cyber-shot W camera presented
With an ultra-large LCD display
And powered by 2 AA batteries
The DSC-T1 camera steals the show
Beautifully designed with a large lens cover
And again; an ultra-large LCD display
The red color DSC-P100 camera
Accessories like this case
The top model from Sony; DSC-F828
DSC-F828 demonstrated by Sony employee
Full of features; powerful and hungry!
It remains an attractive model
Ultra-compact; DSC-U series
Small presentation of the world of Sony
Captured with a Sony Cyber-shot
Beside cameras - Sony printers as well
Close-up of the control panel
Paper tray of the new printer
The 'lounge' corner to get some rest
New compact viewer concept
Sony has some printers to show
New Sony USB Memory Stick reader
Memory Stick Duo adapter for CF slot
New Magic Gate USB reader
Getting smaller by the day: DVD-cam
The new miniDV camera presented
Sony is ready for the next generation