Sony Ericsson CeBIT 2004
Sony Ericsson at CeBIT 2004
We make a leap to the side and beside the Halls in which the digital imaging news was presented, we visited the Hall where Mobile Imaging is the hot item. Like one of our relations concluded snappy: "It seems like telephony has just been invented." And indeed the hall is really packed with visitors, young and 'old'. Mobile imaging currently stands in the spotlights and if we may believe the predictions, we are on the eve of a huge earthquake.

During our interview with Martijn Lutgerink, Manager Product Marketing EMEA Sony Ericsson, it became clear that the cake, partly consisting of digital cameras, especially the ones with low resolution, will be eaten by the mobile phones. A future vision that might become true sooner than the traditional photo enthusiast is expecting. The experience of 'photographing' with a mobile phone is clearly aimed at the 'fun' level. But if we put all our imaginary obstacles and prejudices aside then we will find out that a mobile phone with built-in camera is not that crazy! Sony Ericsson demonstrates a 1.3 Megapixel mobile phone in its magnificent booth. The back features a large size LCD monitor, a feature that the average digital camera owner is still waiting for. De camera is equipped with a digital zoom, the first step towards a zoom function that keeps a reasonable quality. We are aware of the fact that we are witnessing the first steps made to create Megapixel mobile phones and the next generation of 2 and 3 Megapixel telephones is already waiting around the corner!

Beside the built-in camera a mobile phone can be equipped with various handy features. One of the newest features that will be introduced is the function: 'Push to talk'. This function enables some sort of MSN-chat function on your mobile phone. You will be able to see whether family, friends or acquaintances are online, and with pushing the button once life talk is possible, a walkie-talkie idea. Beside the new features Sony Ericsson also puts the emphasis on user's convenience. The Quick Share function enables sending a picture to the provider with as less clicks as possible.

One thing is clear, no matter the opinion of photographers and purists amongst us, the consumer's interest in Mobile Imaging is large. The Sony Ericsson assortment currently consists of 2 mobile phones and a range of mobile phones with built-in cameras. To be continued...

The eye-catching Sony Ericsson stand
Mobile Imaging in action!
Only available in Japan, but very interesting
Large LCD display on the back
1.3 Megapixel CCD and a digital zoom
User-friendly and fun to use, perfect combo!
Mr. DJ is staying cool
Sony Ericsson from the top floor
Demonstrations everywhere
The stand looks like a half-pipe for skating
Mobile Imaging is hot!
Consumers have accepted the built-in cam!