Sanyo CeBIT 2004
Sanyo at CeBIT 2004
Sanyo's booth strikes with a large surface area and mainly in white coloured furniture and attributes. White dominates which helps the consumer achieving better results when trying out the cameras thanks to the benefiting play of light. Sanyo's theme of this years CeBIT show is: "A passion for technology." The booth is also divided in various sections so there is a well-organized overview: Mobile Imaging, cameras, beamers, LCD displays etc. The day we visited the Sanyo booth we got the impression that the amount of visitors visiting the CeBIT was somewhat disappointing. Not only at the Sanyo booth but in general. An explanation could be that it was the day of the Formula 1 race in Malaysia that kept the whole world busy.

Sanyo treated the public to a dazzling show from girls dressed in grey and red that made the different cameras visible by means of dance and music. Slow, quiet movements for the still images for example taken with the new Xacti VPC J4 EX or faster movements to portray the Xacti C1.

During the show consumers were given the opportunity to try the Xacti J4 camera and to have the photos printed to take away later. The Xacti J4, the extremely fast reacting 4 Megapixel camera is one of the fastest digital cameras in his category. The Xacti C1 released in 2003 in a silver design, could also be admired in the new colours black and red.

A few weeks ago Sanyo announced the fact that they would like to be more significantly present in the world of digital photography. It is not a secret that Sanyo manufactures many digital camera housings or other techniques for third parties. The coming year Sanyo will focus on the new digital cameras by the brand of Sanyo.

Sanyo Xacti show is starting
Full of action mixed with slow motion
Well balanced and concentrated
Who can resist the new Sanyo C1 camera?
Posed in style
Shot with the C1 without any hesitation
Overview of the sparkling show
The stylish designed C1 from behind
"Figure" it out
The show attracted lots of visitors
A snap shot
Every hour a new show
Around the stage Sanyo cameras everywhere The C1 from a side
Holding it in a different position
Take a break, play some roulette!
Place your bet
BIG Sanyo C1 is watching you!
The C1 model is interesting for the visitor
The square Sanyo dye-sublimation printer
Can't find it out? Assistance is on its way!
The Sanyo C1 in a silver jacket
Dangerous in black
And full of emotion with a red body
The new Sanyo VPC J4 camera
A view of the back
This color is only available in Japan
J4 in silver is still attractive though
With strong lines we see a stylish back
And of course still super compact
Available outside Japan is the black version
A beautiful color and shot of the back
This time a BIG mobile is keeping an eye
The first step to migration has already begun
A built-in camera is the big hit!
And of course a large display is included!