SanDisk CeBIT 2004
SanDisk at CeBIT 2004
Memory storage manufacturers like SanDisk can certainly not be missed at the CeBIT show. In comparison to the show from last year, SanDisk spared no expense this year. The surface area is enlarged tremendously and there is more room for the show element. Also there is a clear distinction between the OEM and retail products. The SanDisk assortment can be called impressive: every type of memory card in every existing capacity is present so the consumer, the PRO as well as the amateur can be served.

During the PMA again a number of new kinds of memory cards is added to the present assortment. The Memory Stick PRO Ultra II, the new blue label of the Memory Stick PRO but also the inventive 4GB CompactFlash memory card is only a small part of the total offer.

The mentioned 4GB CF Card is equipped with a little switch to divide the card into the FAT16 or FAT32 system. This is an advantage because this way the 4GB memory card can also be used in cameras supporting up to 2GB.

Beside product presentations SanDisk also paid attention to the show element. One side of the booth is set to receive a large crowd of visitors to entertain them. Our Belgian friend, who is present at the SanDisk booth at every show, lets the public get acquaintance in a very humorous way, with the various products of the SanDisk assortment. During this show the public has the opportunity to win one of the many prizes SanDisk is giving away during the CeBIT.

The large SanDisk booth at CeBIT 2004
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9MB/s writing and 10MB/s reading - Fast!